30 July 2016

Soul Clap's Prince Tribute (Recorded live at Coachella)

There was serious sensory overload there for a while in the initial aftermath, so many nights and mixes and tributes. This is by far the best one I've heard,  if you haven't listened to it yet, by (Swooner faves) Soul Clap.

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26 July 2016

Tiny Choons at Mother - Body & Soul 2016

This is the set Tiny Choons played on the Mother stage at Body & Soul 2016. Time. Of. Our. Lives! We played a load of our favourite old school electro vibes and a few more recent tunes we love. Hope you dig it. Oh, one of the tracks is v. explicit. Be warned! Photo by Rocky

You can check out their slightly more chilled set (from the Absolut stage) that weekend here

29 June 2016

Tiny Choons at Absolut - Body & Soul 2016

Some real chilled vibes.Well, chill for us! These are the songs Tiny Choons played when they opened the amazing Absolut Stage at Body & Soul recently. We pretty much had the time of our lives. Gorgeous Bloody Marys, tunes, flowers and people! The granola looked super swish too.

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01 June 2016

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.18: Swoon Town Records by Hipdrop

The latest exclusive Swooner mix is a deadly all vinyl funk and soul trip, thanks to Keith from Hipdrop Records, an independant record label based in Dublin. Loads of gorgeous tunes in there, including the tune the label gets its name from!  

Keith said the mix contains: 'Tunes that hold special significance for me for a number of reasons from one of the first records I bought (Remember Who You Are - Sly and the Family Stone from the LP Hot Thing) to one of my most recent additions to my collection (You and I - Black Ivory - 7" Single) found by a mate of mine in a second hand store in Philadelphia.'

Thanks Keith!

I made a mix for Hipdrop recently you can check that out here

03 May 2016

Stream Har Mar Superstar's new album 'Best Summer Ever'

Great news. Har Mar Superstar has a new album out. It's called Best Summer Ever and you can stream it on thecurrent.org here:

Har Mar Superstar - Best Summer Ever - Stream on thecurrent.org

I'm a huge fan of Har Mar's vibe and voice. If you don't know his stuff you should check him out for sure. My favourite tunes of his (so far, haven't had time to let the new album sink in yet) are Tall Boy and Lady You Shot Me. They are completely different but just show his range and how god damn awesome he is.

The Current also got him in to do a live version of the track 'How Did I Get Through The Day' - what a performance!

And 'Youth Without Love':

He used to do a great podcast called Nocturnal Emotions, I've posted a few on Swooner here.