14 August 2021

Brand new exclusive mix - Princess Scram VS DJ Honey Badger

Another amazing mix from Conor from Big Dish Go for Swooner.  Conor says it's some "psychedelic acid laced house music for travelling through the cosmos" (and possibly also for having a DJ Space battle with your cat, Princess Scram) - which is, of course, extremely up Swooner's galaxy.  Playlist below and also a link to the 1st volume in case you missed it or want to listen again! Thanks Conor! 

If the link above doesn't show up click here


Intro -John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - TV Broadcast 
Andrew Weatherall - End Times Sound (Radioactive Man Remix)
Roe Deers - Lost Again  
Red Axes - Ho Chi Min feat. Bèo Dạt Mây Trôi & HCMC Students  
Damon Jee - Cuir rouge (Il est vilaine cuir reinterpretation)
Roe Deers - Hide and Seek (Vyvyan Remix)
Autarkic - WBF 
Simple Symmetry & Inigo Vontier - Gilgamesh 
Chloe - Like This  
Out of Orbit (Eitan Reiter) & Shpongle - No Disco (Red Axes Remix)
Roman Fluegel - Parade D'Amour  
Hard Ton & Jarle Bråthen - Master of disguise (Rodion Megatron mix)
FIT Siegel - Wayne County Stomp  
Tornado Wallace - Start Again  
Johannes Albert - Shattered Dreams
Franz & Shape - F&S Airlines (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix)
I-Robots - Frau (Back In The 1990 Version)
Undefined Pattern - El Anejado (Fabrizio Mammarella Pepsi Center Mix)
Autarkic - Simplify, Reduce
Adwer Messing - With The DNA (Marc Piñol Remix)
Secretsundaze - DMDU  
Timothy Clerkin - Hatred
Avalon Emerson - Poodle Power

Check out the previous mix here:

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