26 January 2022

Brand new! Mixing Not Mixing on The Mothership - 4 hours of Pablo's favourite records

A new epic mix (not mix) from Fatty Fatty Phonographic's Pablo! A serendipitous meeting in a rare live gig last year (Little Simz) led to Swooner getting its music mitts on this 4 hour epic NOT mix by Pablo recorded in the new amazing Hens Teeth hifi lounge! Enjoy this journey - and thanks Pablo!
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From Pablo:
A live recording from the new Hen's Teeth HiFi Lounge. The mixer, amp, and a pair of the mythical Klipschorn speakers were all transplanted from the home set up directly into the lovely room at their HQ in Dublin 8, and the results sound glorious. Stick ye head in for a drink and marvel at one of Dublin's finest audio setups... As the title suggests, this is nearly 4 hours of Pablo's favourite records, with little or no mixing, just a lovely spread of dubby sounds, hip-hop, spiritual jazz, funky'n'soulful roughness, Afro rhythms, NYC dancefloor classics, P-Funk.... all the good stuff!


Check out Pablo on Mixcloud.
Check out Hens Teeth for more events in the HiFi lounge.

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