06 October 2023

See You Swoon - a brand new mix from A Different Animal

A brand new amazing mix from A Different Animal is out! Vibey house tunes INCLUDING a brand new unreleased one of his own! He'll be playing BD Festival on 29th October 2023 and in Pawnshop on 24th November 2023 so deffo check those out if you can.  Thanks ADA and enjoy everyone! 


Hidden spheres - euan 92
Exit 13 - taking over me 
Claire’s - in my arms (route 94’s 1993 mix)
Mette - mammas eyes (lostboyjaymix ) 
Fauxplay - ascension 
Of norway - dolphins 
Dan be - rolla
Speakman x French for rabbits - high 
Scuze me - Luke allessi 
Tropicana - La Noche
A different animal - set me free
Tibasko - hawt
Alex metric - alive 
Dusky - e-dawn 
Adam ten & Maori - spring girl
Nocui - high energy 
Loods - Pure bliss meltdown 
Swimming Paul - ring the alarm 
Groove Armada - Lightsonic

You can listen to all the other ADA mixes on Swooner here

Follow A Different Animal at mixcloud.com/ADifferentAnimal

Whopper artwork also from ROZZA you can check out his instagram here! https://www.instagram.com/rozza.booth/ 


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