29 November 2012

Francesco Tristano live at RoBOT Festival 2012

Francesco Tristano played a festival called RoBOT in Bologna in Italy in earlier this year, listen below. It's a whole lotta live, piano-based amazingness. Tristano is nothing if not a little experimental. His roots are in classical music and dare I say it... jazz.. - but PLEASE don't let that put you off at ALL. He's from Luxembourg but went to Juillard in New York where he learned classical music and then went clubbing. He releases classical music also but his heart seems to be in piano playing and beats. Lots of 'em. SWOON. Throw him on the MUST SEE LIVE list.

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I first heard about Francesco Tristano as John Talabot remixed a tune by a band called Aufgang (check that remix out here) and as I am mildly obessed with John Talabot I looked Aufgang up. Tristano is in Aufgang* and I subsequently found this video of him playing piano live on stage with Carl Craig up the back waiting to throw in some beats. A version of this tune called 'The Melody' is in the live set above. To this day it is possibly one of the best things I have ever come across on the internet. Check this out, it's one of my most watched youtube videos ever:

*I am going to write a full post about Aufgang in the future but I previously posted a podcast they did for Soundwall - check it out here.

There's a festival called RoBOT? Gimme!

28 November 2012

Swooner Movie Nights: Ivory Tower

Swooner just had its first movie night in association with Portobello Picturehouse. We showed 'Ivory Tower' - a bizarre comedy about chess written by and starring Tiga and Chilly Gonzales. It is about as ridiculous as it sounds, with amazing Chilly Choons throughout. Check out the trailer below, and check out the movie if you like Chilly or Tiga or Peaches or chess or the concept of jazz chess.

If you are based in Dublin and interested in joining future Swooner movie screenings, like Swooner on Facebook for more information or leave a comment below!

Chilly Gonzales plays The Sugar Club on Thursday Dublin 6th - get tickets here.
To download a mix Chilly has on his website, go here.

Throne of Blood podcast 012 - Max Pask

It's hard to keep up with all the Throne Of Blood podcasts but this one caught my ears due to its inordinate amount of space laser noises. Chilled disco turns into some heavier slick beats via some quality deep house - from Max Pask:
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1. Almunia "Pulsar"- Claremont 56
3. Moebius & Plank - Automatic (Manu Guiot Remix) - Bureau B
4. Timothy J Fairplay "Saco Bay" - Emotional Rescue
5. Daniel Maloso "Punk Reggae Disco" - Comeme
6. Lauer "Tentatious" - Running Back
7. Remote "Gogogo"
8. Gina X Performance - "No G.D.M." (Psychonauts Remix) - Gigolo
9. Golden Bug Ft Mau "One Way" (Kasper Bjork Remix) - La Belle
10. Los Lopez- "Are You a Lesbian?" (Mugwump Remix) - Days of Being Wild
11. Monoblok & PSLKTR Ft MTH "Sigminder" - Meant
12. Maxime & Remain "Sergei" - Clouded Vision
13. Black Strobe "The Girl From The Bayou" (Crackboy Remix) - Black Strobe Rec
15. Mark Henning "Chicago Sunrise" - Cityfox
16. Trevino "Lag" - REVOLVE:R
17. Alex Egan "Codicil" - Marketing

I've posted a bunch of Throne of Blood podcasts before, my favourite is the Cosmic Kids one, check it out here.


25 November 2012

Cyclist's November Bikeride mixtape

Cyclist's latest Bikeride mix is brilliant, lovely mix of disco and house tunes.

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Marcus Marr - The Music
Marcello Giorgani - New York City
Ride The Universe - Silky Way Galaxy
Cosmo Vitelli - Edit Service 3
Venice Beach - Slap Disco
Sohight - Fonk' (Earl Grey Remix)
Dean Sunshine Smith - Auburn Avenue
Psychemagik - Carnaval De Trancoso
Jazzy Dee - Get On Up (Situation Edit)
Metropolis - Go Get It
Elijah Collins - Alright (Elijah Dub)
Toyboy & Robin - No More Sunshine
NY Stomp aka Gerd - The NY House Trak
Mike Mago - The Soul (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Chris Malinchak - Get Back
Cordova - Paradigm (Broke One Remix)
Moullinex - Take My Pain Away (Strip Steve Remix)

Download available on his Facebook page, click here.
Also, check out October's Bikeride mix here if you haven't before.


23 November 2012

Hidden Agenda Mixtape 3

Happy Friday... for death!

The third Hidden Agenda mix is guaranteed to get you moving. Tunes from Matthew Dear, Bondax, Jimmy Edgar, Softwar, Scuba, Boddika, Jacques Greene, Machinedrum, Baby D, M83, Aphex Twin, Loaded, mixed by Stephen Manning. Happy Friday night!

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I've posted previous Hidden Agenda mixes here and here, check 'em out.
Check out their sweet site too: hiddenagendaclub.com/

22 November 2012

More Night Plane - live Le Bain set and new 'Heartbeat' E.P.

Check out this great live set Night Plane did for Le Bain night club in New York a couple of months ago - "these are all my tunes, I do a live PA. Exceptions: whatever the first tune is, which is from the end of zev's set. hey chica at 29:30 is a derrick carter remix of tony senghore which I just like having in my set. and the beach house tune at the end is my illegal bootleg re-edit" - some lovely, quality deep house and includes his new tune 'Heartbeat' just out on Soul Clap records, a more rock-based house tune. Very enjoyable set:

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I've been a fan of Night Plane since I came across a great podcast he did for Kreativa ages ago- (check that out here) so was happy to hear his Heartbeat E.P. would be the first release on Soul Clap's new label.

The E.P is streaming over on FACT mag -  Listen to it here.

I posted a Soundwall podcast by Soul Clap previously, check it here.
And if you're into the whole Wolf+Lamb, Soul Clap thing you should check out a mix they did celebrating ten years of Double Standard Records here.



21 November 2012

Gigamesh: Solé Bicycles mix

Gigamesh has made a mix for Solé Bicycles. It has that song 'Holdin' On' by Flume that my friend Rory is mad about it, so he's going to love this mix. I'm not sure about that song but the mix also has Breakbot and Chris Malinchak and Four Tet in it so it's pretty great anyway. 

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Raleigh Moncrief - Lament for Morning
Débruit - Cri (Kelpe Remix)
Flume - Holdin' On
AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It
Mux Mool - Raw Gore
Al Usher - Here Today
Breakbot - Easy Fraction
Onra - L.O.V.E.
Matthias Zimmermann - Quincy
Madi Diaz - Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)
Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
Les Sins - Fetch
Four Tet - Jupiters
Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru
Machinedrum - Come1

Gigamesh made a mix for Triple J - I posted about it here, check it out.
He did a mix for SlothBoogie which is also amazing, check it here.


20 November 2012

New Compuphonic: Transmusicales de Rennes Festival mix

Channelling these guys today.

Always excited when there is a new Compuphonic mix. This one is nice and deep and gorgeous. As per usual!

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1. Compuphonic - Sunset (Compuphonic's JamSession mix)
2. Bengoa - Be Free
3. Greenville Massive - Lost
4. Soul Clap & Mel Blatt - Ecstasy (Catz'n Dogs Body Language remix)
5. Erik Chrisiansen - Cosmic Girl (Fabo Arp Mix)
6. Kolombo - Waiting For (Sasha Braemer remix)
7. Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart Feat. Jeremy Glenn (Mercury Remix)
(Compuphonic re-edit)
8. Last Magpie - (Who Knows) Where Love Goes
9. Lula Circus-Visions
10. Ry & Frank Wiedemann - Howling (Âme Remix)
11. Ben Pearce-What I Might Do Club Edit

I've posted some deadly mixes by Compuphonic before, check out this and this. Or this or even this. Take your pick, they're all great.


More Lindstrøm: Live at Pitchfork and a mix for El País

Cosmic dreamboat Lindstrøm played Pitchfork Paris recently, check out the set here:


He also made a mix of tunes he likes right now for Spain's El País site.  Some sweet beats and unusual tunes I hadn't heard before.

Stream and download his El País mix over here.

El País mix tracklist:
Ilous & Decuyper - Indifferents
Tame Impala - Elephants (Todd Rundgren remix)
supersempfft - Let's Beat Him Up
Pollyester - Concierge D'armor (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Joe - Claptrap
Anstam - Whiskey
Casiokids - Offerdans
q & a - Tumbling Cubes
Chvrches - The mother we share
oOoOO - Hearts
Yacht - Shangri-La (Kim Hiorthey remix)

ALSO: I posted about his new album Smalhans previously, you can stream it here, it's really good.


19 November 2012

The Beardytron 5000 - Beardyman live in India October 2012

SO. Beardyman has spent 6 years designing new kit with a man called Dave, and has called said kit The Beardytron 5000. He used it for this gig he did in India. "It can do things no other looper in the world can do, small but vital advances which are fundamental to allowing a complex and dynamic looping based live-production performance possible." For more info on the kit check it here. The set is mental as usual. Completely banging, rapping, covering, joking, singing - if you are a fan at all it's well worth a listen. 

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15 November 2012

Nancy Whang's Dazed Digital Mix

A big bunch of thank yous to my pal Liadain who sent me this deadly Dazed Digital mix from Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsytem fame today. Lots of gorgeous tunes from current musical crush Holy Ghost! and that amazing tune 'Look Right Through' by Storm Queen, among others: 

It Gets Dark - Holy Ghost!
Day By Day (Psychemagik Mix) - Research
Too High - Gramme
U Got Me Dancin' (Piano Party Mix) - Neurotic Drum Band
After the Dance/Let No Man Put Asunder (Eros Edit) - Marvin Gaye/First Choice
How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix) - Hot Chip
Don't Go Lose It Baby (Stretch Mix) - Hugh Masekela
Ou Est Le Soleil? - Paul McCartney
Look Right Through (Dimitri From Paris Erodisco Mix) - Storm Queen
I Just Love What You're Doing - Hot Chocolate

For the Dazed interview with Nancy click here. I've posted other Dazed Digital mixes -this amazing one by Perseus and this one by Lemonade. Check 'em out.


14 November 2012

Flight Facilities: new video for 'Clair De Lune' out today


Cosmic Kids live at Fabric October 2012

Cannot stop watching this episode. 

So here at Swooner Enterprises we are big Cosmic Kids fans*. Disco dreambots. I meant to write dreamboats there, but they are dream-bots too so what an apt typo. And in keeping with their regular dream-bot policy, here is a set they did in Fabric last month. Super awesome disco-house buzz, as per usual:

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Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish - Flowers
6th Borough Project - Do It To the Max
Jerome LOL - Dusk
Grooveman Spot - Ur Luv
Dead Rose Music Company - Faith
Trujillo - You Keep Me (Cosmic Kids Remix)
Suzanne Kraft - No Worries
Tornado Wallace - Be My Ladyboy
Rory Phillips - Don't Stop
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #2
Genius of Time - Drifting Back
Fantastic Man - It's Essential
Mungolian Jetset - Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks (Todd Terje's Even Stiv-En Dub Version)
Romanthony - Bring You Up (PBR Streetgang Remix)
Cosmic Kids - Reginald's Groove (Classixx Remix)
Chamboche - Smoke Screen (Bicep Remix)
Tuccillo - Password
Classixx - Relight My Fire
Cajmere feat. Dajae - I Need U (Hugo Moya Mix)
Karen Pollack - You Can't Touch Me (Murk Remix)
Cricco Castelli - Life is Changing
Axel Boman - Abba 002


*Check out here and here if you don't believe me.

13 November 2012

Magic Tape 27

New Magic Mixtape!

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No tracklist yet but it has that amazing "Benediction" tune by Hot Natured and Ali Love that also features in the Adriatique Diynamic radio show I posted earlier. Check that awesome show out here.


Adriatique - Diynamic radio show

I am a big fan of the Diynamic label (H.O.S.H., Solomun, David August, Ost&Kjex, Hunter/Game) and their radio shows are pretty sweet. Check out this one from Adriatique, lots and lots of gorgeous deep house:

If you can't see the above box click here.

Tunes from Navid Izadi, Bonar Bradberry, Simian Mobile Disco, No Regular Play, Teenage Mutants, Finnebassen, Karmon and Maxxi Soundsystem among others.

Also features the awesome tune "Benediction" by Hot Natured and Ali, and ends with a gorgeous track called "Spacetacula: by Fly O Tech. Swoon.

I posted a Diynamic show that Solomun did before, check it out here.
I also posted H.O.S.H.'s Autobrennt podcast, made with tunes from various Diynamic artists, check that out here.


10 November 2012

Tronik Youth's November 2012 mix

Latest mix from Tronik Youth is quality. Gorgeous house tunes with a sweet 80s style buzz throughout.

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1 Cold Light Feat.Wendy Rae Fowler - Fire
2 Dynamicron - Monster
3 Para One Feat. Jaw - When The Night (DVNO Mix)
4 Jean Claude Gavri - What Yr Doin'
5 Moon Runner - Pharaoh Vs The Mummy (Wolfman Re-Edit)
6 Francis Inferno Orchestra - Silk & Smooth
7 Sohight & Cheevy - Travel Anthem (Moullinex Mix)
8 Larse - Tonite
9 Maxxi Soundsystem Feat.Name One - Regrets We Have No Use For (Matthew Hebert Mix)
10 Michoacan - Disco Sucks So Good (Tiger Stripes Remix)
11 St Lucia - September (Punks Jump Up Remix)
12 Marius - Discomagnifique (Pete Herbert Remix)
13 T.E.E.D - Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix)
14 Kolombo - Get So Hot
15 Adana Twins - Everyday (Amine Edge & Dance Remix)
16 James Curd Feat.Annabel Weston - Think You Know
17 Gramme - Too High (Leo Zero Mix)
18 Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold (Hercules & The Love Affair Remix)


09 November 2012

Video: Jon Hopkins live at Skif Festival 2010

Have stayed up way too late watching this on occasion. No idea what sort of equipment he is using but he is going to town on it like a man possessed. Possessed by fucking awesomeness. In between slugs of beer. What a legend. And a dreamboat to boot. How can he make songs so hauntingly beautiful yet so fucking banging at the same time?! Too bad you can't hear the crowd, I'd say they were going flip mode. Now,  be warned, the sound cuts out for a second around 6'30" but stick with it, it's only for a moment and then it really gets going.


07 November 2012

Filthy Dukes 'Half In The Queue' Fabric mix

I'm having a techno-heavy week. Which is no bad thing. This is a deadly mix from Filthy Dukes, ahead of their Fabric appearance this week. It's a 1 hour,  47 minute trip to techno town.


Remian - Dead And Gone (Rework Remix) - Relish 
Kolombo - My Own Business - 2DIY4 
Naum Gabo - It's On (Tevo Howard Acid Remix) - Let's Play House 
Alejandro Paz - Texit - Comeme 
Filthy Dukes - Let's See (People Get Real Remix) - Kill Em All 
Daniel Avery - Water Jump - Phantasy 
Kink - Express - Rush Hour 
Aero Manyelo - Wish I Had A Home - Sound Pellegrino 
Christian S - The Power Of Now - Comeme 
Katt Niall - Your'e My Excuse (Prince Club Remix) - Say Wat 
Virgo Four - It's A Crime (Caribou Remix) - Rush Hour 
Viadrina - It's Ok (Prince Club Remix) - CDR 
Jet Project - I Got What You Want (Ejeca Remix) - Extended Play 
Chicago Shags - Firetruck Sunday - M&rt;O&rt;S 
Jacques Greene - Prism - 3024 
Mosca - Eva Mendes - Hypercolour 
Trevino - Backtracking - The Nothing Special 
James Welsh - Take It (Filthy Dukes Remix) - Join Our Club 
Jimmy Edgar - Sex Drive (Jon Convex Remix) - Hotflush 
Miss Kitten - Girlz - Jackathon 
Omar V & Robin C - Complete - Full Pupp 
Surtek Collective - Shari (Daniel Maloso Remix) - BNR TRAX


06 November 2012

Nathan Fake's Fact mix November 2012

Nathan Fake's podcast for Fact mag is whopper. Love Luke Abbott. That 'Modern Driveway' track is a thing of aural beauty. Lovely afternoon beats.


Pedrodollar – Hyperdemo
Wesley Matsell – Ynys Byr
Todd Edwards – Never Far From You
EQD – Equalized #111 03
Unknown – Unknown
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
Baby Ford – Normal (AFX remix)
Actress – Harrier ATTK
Planetary – Matter of Sound
The Widowmaker – Untitled
Boards of Canada – Numerator
Nathan Fake – Iceni Strings (Bonus Dub #2)
Operator – Warriston (What Is It Good For)
Wesley Matsell – Foreverzone

He is playing The Twisted Pepper early next year.


New Flight Facilities tune 'Clair de Lune'

Been waiting ages for this. The new Flight Facilities single 'Clair de Lune' featuring Christine Hoberg is out today. It's really different to everything they've done before, this is more serious and a bit darker-  but it's equally as gorgeous. It's not out in this part of the world to buy until November 13th but you can listen NOW!

If you can't see the above box, click here

Flight Facilities were inspired by Claude Debussey - listen to his original 'Clair de Lune' here:


03 November 2012

Tiga's latest 6 mix show

"I don't need a calculator to know I'm going to see you later"
- lyric from Tiga's new tune 'Plush' ;  photo by Swooner

Tiga presents his latest amazing techno show 'wearing nothing but sound and cargo pants' on 6mix. Not for the faint hearted. Includes his new tune made with Matthew Dear "Plush" that even Tiga thinks is 'really great'. Also includes a deadly track called 'Love' by Iasi, another called '9000' by Proxy and some Four Tet, Hot Chip and Burial.

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Attic Sundays -  Zombie Nation 
Control Y Voltaje - Daniel  Maloso 
Plush - Tiga 
Junk - Proxy
Roll Up (Baauer Remix) - Flosstradamus 
Love - Iasi
Opposition (NT89 Remix) - Polymorphic 
Nel - Ruskin & Broom
Ubstraktion ('Jazz Yo Self' Mix) - Pilo
Jupiters (Happa Remix) - Four Tet
9000 - Proxy
Paper - Redshape
Lagerfeuer Tanz - Wolf Muller
666 - Frak
Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit  -Unspecified Enemies
Skyhook (Scuba Remix) - Phil Kieran
Stimulating Hormone (Kevin Gorman Remix) Pew Perthil 
Untitled - Unit Moebius
How Do You Do? (Mickey Moonlight Remix Unreleased Edit) - Hot Chip
Compurhythm - Ian Pooley
Rainy Days Juno Jam (Legowelt Remix) - Xosar
Untitled - Albert Van Ebbe
Go - Moby
Etched Headplate - Burial

I posted previously about the movie "Ivory Tower" that Tiga made with Chilly Gonzales. Check it out here if you haven't already. 


02 November 2012

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.2: Rocky T. Delgado's Swoonston Churchill Mix

Get your weekend started right with the second exclusive Swooner mix ever! This time I roped Rocky into making me a sweet mix replete with delicious tunes from Friends, Mario & Vidis, Bottin and possibly one of my favourite tunes ever, the John Talabot mix of Teengirl Fantasy's Cheaters. Et voilá, here is his Swoonston Churchill mix:

Pull Up To The Bumper (Discomofo Rework) - Grace Jones
Dare Me - Lou Teti
I'm His Girl (Arthur Baker Mix) - Friends
Stop - Casco presents BWH
Your Kisses - Dead Rose Music Company
Green On Blue (Moon Boots Mix) - Monsoon Season featuring Miss Bee
Sage Comme Une Image - Bottin
How Long (Tensnake Vocal Mix) - Sugardaddy
Cheaters (John Talabot's Classic Vocal Refix) - Teengirl Fantasy
This Is The Love - Rocco Raimundo
Care - Mario & Vidis featuring Ernesto
Into The Night (Nicholas Jaar Mix) - Azari & III
Libertango - Johnwaynes

To download click here.

Rocky has a whole bunch of sweet mixes on his mixcloud page, check it out here. I posted one previously here before, it has space laser noises galore and you should check it out if you haven't already. Thanks Rocky!

01 November 2012

Pleasure Machines Fall Mix 2012

Another gorgeous disco and house mix from Pleasure Machines. I feel all floaty and chilled listening to it like a human disco jellyfish. Which is new. Also delighted to discover there's an artist called 'Edit Murphy' - will have to investigate further.

If you can't see the above box, please click here.

1. Saalim - Time Flies (Duff Disco remix)
2. Fabien Kamb - Feels like disco
3. Monkey Boots - Hold Back time night
4. Edit Murphy - Beverly Thrills
5. Tagteam Terror - Keep me dancin'
6. Patryk Molinari - No Dilemma
7. In Deep We Trust - Ba:sen
8. Manik - Parasol (Cosmonauts remix)
9. Superlux - Tired of you (Pleasure Machines remix)
10. Adana Twins - Everyday (Amine Edge & Dance remix)
11. Just Kiddin - All the way to love

I posted a previous Pleasure Machines mix, also deadly, check it out here.