29 November 2012

Francesco Tristano live at RoBOT Festival 2012

Francesco Tristano played a festival called RoBOT in Bologna in Italy in earlier this year, listen below. It's a whole lotta live, piano-based amazingness. Tristano is nothing if not a little experimental. His roots are in classical music and dare I say it... jazz.. - but PLEASE don't let that put you off at ALL. He's from Luxembourg but went to Juillard in New York where he learned classical music and then went clubbing. He releases classical music also but his heart seems to be in piano playing and beats. Lots of 'em. SWOON. Throw him on the MUST SEE LIVE list.

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I first heard about Francesco Tristano as John Talabot remixed a tune by a band called Aufgang (check that remix out here) and as I am mildly obessed with John Talabot I looked Aufgang up. Tristano is in Aufgang* and I subsequently found this video of him playing piano live on stage with Carl Craig up the back waiting to throw in some beats. A version of this tune called 'The Melody' is in the live set above. To this day it is possibly one of the best things I have ever come across on the internet. Check this out, it's one of my most watched youtube videos ever:

*I am going to write a full post about Aufgang in the future but I previously posted a podcast they did for Soundwall - check it out here.

There's a festival called RoBOT? Gimme!