12 September 2012

Moshigogo - R'n'B remixes mix

You wish you looked this good in the 90s.

I'm really enjoying the recent trend of producers remixing 90's R'n'B tracks, and not just because R'n'B is my secret shame and my Vybin' 4 CD from 1996 is scratched to fuck. This mix has 13 such remixes all in one handy downloadable soundcloud dream, including 3 from Swooner favourite Perseus:

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Tracklist and sample credits:
1) I'll Be Loving You - Bronx (Loving you longtime - Mariah Carey)
2) Running Back To You - Perseus (Foolish - Ashanti)
3) Love in Zanzibar - Perseus (I can love you - Mary J Blige)
4) Got Somebody - Moon Boots (No Letting Go - Wayne Wonder)
5) Cool Runnings - Perseus (Hey Baby - Ashanti)
6) Dance With Me - Le Youth (No Scrubs - TLC)
7) Doing What I Got - Isaac Tichauer (Top of the World - Brandy)
8) Sugar - Moon Boots (If I was Your Girl - Janet Jackson)
9) Prove It - Slimphatty (If You Love Me - Brownstone)
10) Beside Me - Malinchak (Best Friend - Brandy)
11) Ricky Smiley - Coleco (I Wanna Be Down - Brandy)
12) Seychelles - Perseus (You're Making Me High - Toni Braxton)
13) Down Fever - Only Children (It's Not Right - Whitney Houston)

If you like those Perseus tracks, check out his Dazed Digital mix here.
Also, if like me, you secretly love 90's R'n'B, check out this mix. No one has to know.


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