29 September 2012

Shocko live at Corsica Studios

Amazing tunes, all made by Shocko then mixed by Shocko into a sweet Shocko-filled beat-pie. Top notch beat-smithery:

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Check out soundcloud.com/shockproof for more quality tracks.

26 September 2012

Penguin Prison Almost October mix 2012

Found this over on the amazing yestefindeque.com - a sweet disco mix from Penguin Prison. It's got The Pointer Sisters and that Gigamesh remix of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, so you know it's good.

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1 - The Pointer Sisters - Dare Me (Lou Teti Edit)
2 - Bastille Edits - Not This Time Baby
3 - Munga - Heartache No. 9 (Munga 32% Climbing Mix)
4 - South West Seven - What Have I Got To Do?
5 - Cole Medina - Party Jam
6 - The Gossip - Move In The Right Direction (Classixx Remix)
7 - Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)

Lots more disco mixes over on soundcloud.com/penguin-prison.

25 September 2012

H.O.S.H.'s Autobrennt podcast

He fucking loves this mix.

German producer H.O.S.H. put together this podcast with tunes from the Diynamic label (other artists on the label include Solomun and Ost & Kjex). A bunch of gorgeous deep house tracks to soothe your weary rained upon soul, including an amazing track '50 ways to love your liver' which I had never heard before:

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DJ Phono - New Year Eve / 5 years Diynamic Compilation
Body Language - Falling Out (Fabø Rmx)
Oliver Koletzki and Jake the Rapper - 50 ways to love your liver (Andhim Rmx)
Luca C and Brigante feat. Roisin Murphy - ... (Solomun Rmx)
Alex Jones - Higher Level
Erik Christiansen - Cosmic Girl (Fabø Rmx)
David August - To All The Ladies / 5 years Diynamic Compilation
Adriatique - Roads / 5 years Diynamic Compilation
Thyladomid - The Way I Feel / 5 years Diynamic Compilation
Jay Shepheard - Otter Bronze

I previously posted one of Solomun's Diynamic Radio Shows, check it out here.
And the following is one of my favourite H.O.S.H tracks, 'White Elephant':


24 September 2012

Bonobo live at Elysée Montmarte

Bonobo played a DJ set here recently that I missed out on, however after listening to this I think I'd like to hold out for the live show. I know I bandy the term 'dreamy' about a lot, but this really is gorgeous. I thought it might a get too jazzy for me but they reign it in and it sounds brilliant. Perfect for a rainy Monday after a weekend of considerable debauchery.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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P.S. I also just like the words 'Elysée Montmarte' as they are in the lyrics of 'Baby You Got Me' by The Roots featuring Erykah Badu: "She said she loved my show in Paris at Elysée Montmartre / and that I stepped off the stage and took a piece of her heart."

21 September 2012

Short Circuit KSXC radio mix

Found a sweet mix with a bunch of my favourite things in: Gigamesh, Cut Copy, The Rapture, remixes by Cosmonauts, Perseus, and of course it has "Swoon" by The Chemical Brothers in there so I had to get it in here:

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Track list:
1. Gigamesh - "People Ft. Nicole Godiva (Original Mix)"
2. The Rapture - "How Deep Is Your Love (PWNDTIAC Remix)"
3. 5eya - "Backlight (Original Mix)"
4. NSFW - "Coconut (Cosmonauts Remix)"
5. Jeremy Glenn - "New Life (Perseus 'Summer of 83' Remix)"
6. Cut Copy - "Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution (Tornado Wallace Dub)"
7. ABBA - "Midnight Mouse (Mighty Mouse 2011 Re Work)"
8. Peter & The Magician - "Twist"
9. Andrea Esu - "E.S.U. Track"
10. The Chemical Brothers "Swoon (Mjolnir Bootleg Remix)"
11. Beni - "My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix)"
12. Hubert Kah "The Picture (12'' Remix)"

Check out some of Short Circuit's own tracks at soundcloud.com/shortcircuitla

18 September 2012

Gadi Mizrahi's (aka Baby Prince) Nobody E.P.

Stream Gadi Mizrahi's debut EP under the alias of Baby Prince with thanks to Mixmag. The E.P. is out next week on Somethinksounds. Sweet tracks:

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I posted a really great house mix by Gadi Mizrahi, aka baby Prince, aka Money, and Soul Clap's Eli Gold before, check it out here: 10 years of Double Standard Records.


Trujillo's September 2012 mix

Latest mix from Venezuela's Trujillo: plenty of slick beats and dreamy disco:

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17 September 2012

Moon Boots and Hard Candy: Liftoff mix

SO MANY SWEET TUNES. Moon Boots is on the French Express label and this mix has tracks from some of their other artists such as Swooner favourite Perseus, Chris Malinchik, Jonas Rathsman and Isaac Tichauer, as well as bunch of other sweet disco and house tunes.

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1. Alison Valentine - Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)
2. Jeremy Glenn - New Life (Perseus' Summer of '83 Remix)
3. B.W.H. - Stop
4. Love for the Sake of House - Cole Medina
5. Moon Boots - Sugar
6. La Royale - The Crush
7. Onra - Keep On Loving Me
8. Sharam Jey - Ain't Nuthin
9. Isaac Tichauer - Step Away
10. Den Ishu - High U Gonna Feel
11. Only Children - ??????
12. Rhyze - Just How Sweet Is Your Love (Walker & Royce Retouch)
13. The Establishment - Love Like This
14. Chris Malinchak - If U Got It
15. Luke Solomon - Say Something (Ashley Beedle Live at Wash House Mix)
16. Chez Damier (ft. Leroy Burgess) - Your Love
17. Mercury - Sweetness
18. Jonas Rathsman - W4W

A few other mixes I've posted feature that Moon Boots "Sugar" track, click here and here if you want to check 'em out. (And click here for more Perseus.)

Check out french-express.com to hear more of their label's artists.

2 more tracks from John Talabot

More John Talabot? Yes please. 2 unreleased tracks, "outtakes" from his album fin. Just when I thought that album couldn't get any better, it gets longer.

A side: "Mai Mes"

B side: "Tragedial"

As I keep saying, buy fin if you haven't already. You can get it here.

16 September 2012

More Compuphonic: Société Perrier mix

2 Compuphonic mixes in one month? YES. He says he made this mix after he got home from playing the Monegros festival in the desert in Spain. (I posted that set recently, check it out here, it's amazing.) "The melancholic deep house vibe not only reflects how I felt but also the atmosphere at the festival as well." Perfect. Even opens with his own single 'Sunset' and includes a Mano Le Tough remix, can't get better than that:

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1. Compuphonic ft Marques Toliver - "Sunset"
2. Ornette - "Crazy" (Noze Remix)
3. Aloe Blacc - "Loving You Is Killing Me" (Mano Le Tough Remix)
4. Daniel Mehlhart - "Groove Eimer"
5. Veitengrubber - "Receive God"
6. Christian Burkhardt - "Delight"
7. Daniel Kyo vs Stevie Wonder - "Superstition"
8. Kate Simko feat. Jem Cooke - "Go On Then"
9. dOP - "Kisses"
10. Nneka - "Shining Star" (Joe Goddard Remix)
11. Justin Martin - "Don't Go"
12. Claude Von Stroke - "Aundy"
13. Kolsch - "Der Alte"
14. Dusky - "Mytics"

Seriously, check out that set from Monegros festival.

14 September 2012

Talabot and Pional remix Chairlift

Friday evening drinks?

Is this a dream remix? A dreamix if you will.  John Talabot and Pional remix Chairlift's "I Belong In Your Arms":

(via Pitchfork)

If you like what you hear and have yet to get Talabot's album fin, do so with haste. You can buy it here. It's amazing.

13 September 2012

New Breakbot tunes x 2

Any excuse to show this picture again. 

New Breakbot comin' atchya.

Dreamy Breakbot tune no. 1 "Another Dawn" via Mixmag; with free download:

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Dreamy Breakbot tune no. 2 "One Out Of Two" via yestefindeque.com:

The new Breakbot album "By Your Side" is out this month on Ed Banger Records. Loving the dreamy french buzz.


More Gigamesh: Triple J mix

I'm a little miffed as Gigamesh is touring this autumn but not coming to Dublin. I think it might be worth a jaunt over to London in November, an annual self-present I usually reserve for when Chromeo plays there. (Although Flight Facilities are touring too and not coming to Dublin OR London, and as my mate Passi lives in Rome I might have go there to see them. Poor me!) Anyway, here's a mix Gigamesh did, replete with his own tunes, remixes and various other delights:

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Gigamesh - All My Life
Junior Byron - Dance To The Music (Gigamesh Version)
Moon Boots - Sugar
Kindness - Gee Up (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
Haim - Forever
Felipe Sá - Party Rock (Marius Vareid Remix)
Gigamesh - Dream On
Gigamesh - Don't Stop
Little Boots - Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
Dublin Aunts - Heartbreak Reputation (Dropout Orchestra Remix)
xxx- xxx
Del Stranger - Don't Lose Control (Faze Action Edit)
Future Unlimited - Golden (Mighty Mouse Vocal Remix)
xxx- xxx
Penelopes - Summer Life (Gigamesh Remix)
Melee - Superheaven
Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive (Gigamesh Remix)

I posted another brilliant Gigamesh mix here, and a Flight Facilities one here, while I'm at it.

For more info and tour details check out gigameshmusic.com/tour/
Also soundcloud.com/gigamesh

12 September 2012

Moshigogo - R'n'B remixes mix

You wish you looked this good in the 90s.

I'm really enjoying the recent trend of producers remixing 90's R'n'B tracks, and not just because R'n'B is my secret shame and my Vybin' 4 CD from 1996 is scratched to fuck. This mix has 13 such remixes all in one handy downloadable soundcloud dream, including 3 from Swooner favourite Perseus:

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Tracklist and sample credits:
1) I'll Be Loving You - Bronx (Loving you longtime - Mariah Carey)
2) Running Back To You - Perseus (Foolish - Ashanti)
3) Love in Zanzibar - Perseus (I can love you - Mary J Blige)
4) Got Somebody - Moon Boots (No Letting Go - Wayne Wonder)
5) Cool Runnings - Perseus (Hey Baby - Ashanti)
6) Dance With Me - Le Youth (No Scrubs - TLC)
7) Doing What I Got - Isaac Tichauer (Top of the World - Brandy)
8) Sugar - Moon Boots (If I was Your Girl - Janet Jackson)
9) Prove It - Slimphatty (If You Love Me - Brownstone)
10) Beside Me - Malinchak (Best Friend - Brandy)
11) Ricky Smiley - Coleco (I Wanna Be Down - Brandy)
12) Seychelles - Perseus (You're Making Me High - Toni Braxton)
13) Down Fever - Only Children (It's Not Right - Whitney Houston)

If you like those Perseus tracks, check out his Dazed Digital mix here.
Also, if like me, you secretly love 90's R'n'B, check out this mix. No one has to know.


11 September 2012

2 quality remixes by Pional and Four Tet

Dreamy remix no. 1: Ultraísta's Smalltalk remixed by Four Tet:
(This remix features in the Damien Lazarus' latest Lazpod 25, click here to check it out)

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Dreamy remix no. 2: Lemonade's Softkiss remixed by Pional:

Click here if you can't see the above box.

I posted a savage Pional mix here before, as well as Lemonade's Dazed Digital mix, check that out here. And many a Four Tet mix. Click here or here.

Go forth and embiggen your ear spirits.


More James Fox - Mixmag Mix August '12

Another quality mix from James Fox, sweet house beats including one of my favourite tunes 'Shake Your Body Down'. Love his easy going upbeat sounds; the last tune in particular is great, one of his own remixes:

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01. The Other People Place 'Sunrays' [Warp]
02. Tanner Ross 'Goodbye, Summer' [!K7]
03. Kindred Spirits Ensemble 'Shining Liberation' (Tom Trago Dub) [Kindred Spirits]
04. Rick Poppa Howard 'Can Your Love Find Its Way' [Beautiful Granville]
05. Krystal Klear 'We're Wrong' [All City]
06. Waze & Odyssey 'Feel My Voices' [Wolf Music]
07. Autodeep 'Make You Mine' (KRL Remix) [Dikso]
08. Behling & Simpson vs James Fox 'Work That Body' [Futureboogie]
09. Kyodai 'Mi Rumba' (Genius Of Time Remix) [Freerange]
10. Dusky 'Henry 85' (FCL Remix) [Simple]
11. Storm Queen 'Look Right Through' (MK Dub) [Defected]
12. Discreet Unit 'Shake Your Body Down' [Prime Numbers]
13. House Nerds 'On A Mission' [House Nerds Audio]
14. Alfred Taylor 'Don't You Leave Me' [Anjunadeep]
15. Years & Years 'I Wish I Knew' (James Fox Remix) [Good Bait]

Posted another James Fox mix here before, check it out if you like his sound.

SO many ace mixes on soundcloud.com/james-fox, get in.

10 September 2012

Aufgang - Soundwall podcast

Whopper tunes from Aufgang -  LCD, Mr. Oizo, Siriusmo, Cassius and Hot Chip's tune 'Don't Dance'. Not mentioned in the tracklisting on the page is that there is a bunch of Kraftwerk mixed into the mix also. YES.

Aufgang are so awesome. I came across them first as John Talabot remixed one of their tunes, Channel 7. Check it out here, it's quality. I'll write more about them again and show some of their own amazing tunes. Watch this space. Swoon!

Download link for the above podcast available here.


08 September 2012

Kool Clap's set from Villette Sonique

I love Kool Clap's sound, upbeat and happy, hip hop influenced. I posted a show he did for Red Bull Music Academy Radio before but they seem to have reconfigured their site and a lot of their content is gone. Which is a damn shame. However, this mix is also really good, makes me want to go out dancing. And find out what Villette Sonique is and see if I can go there. Happy Saturday:

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05 September 2012

AOR Disco Autumn mix by DJ Same

A gorgeous, dreamy disco mix from DJ Same, courtesy of AOR Disco, the same people who brought you that Fleetmac Wood mix we all loved so much. A highly enjoyable low key buzz featuring edits/ remixes From DJ Steef, Soft Rocks, Rayko, Sleazy McQueen, Nelue, Greg Wilson And Flash Atkins. And a quality Ozzy Osbourne intro to boot.

If you can't see the above box, click here.


02 September 2012

Cosmonauts August Top Ten mix

More disco dancing fuel from Cosmonauts. Always a pleasure, especially if you like space laser noises. If you don't like space laser noises, I feel sorry for you. And let's face it, you're on the wrong blog.

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Last Gas Station Late Summer compilation

Late summer 14 track compilation from Last Gas Station, sweet tunes from all sorts! Light and dreamy. Particularly loving the Satin Jackets, Worst Friends and Montevideo tunes:

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For a super sound free download and more info on the artists visit La.Ga.Sta. Just go visit there anyway, it's a great blog.

01. A.N.D.Y. – The Room (DJ Version)
02. Pharao Black Magic – Happy Kalimba
03. Panama – Magic
04. NTEIBINT – Quincy Bay
05. Chordashian – Sea Crest
06. Worst Friends – Neve’s For None (Faux Pas Remix)
07. Rolla Scape – Praise Love
08. Lane 8 – The Voice
09. Montevideo – Horses (Discotexas Dub)
10. In Flagranti – Humdrum
11. Satin Jackets feat. Eric Cozier – Hollywood (Live Jam Version)
12. Matthias Zimmermann – Fez
13. Charles Murdoch – Ahama
14. Mindless Boogie – My Hero (Kid Who Edit)