03 August 2012

Lemonade's Dazed Digital mix

Lemonade are a Brooklyn based band on the True Panther Sounds label. I'm not actually into their tunes but they made a mix for Dazed Digital and the first tune on it is Midas Touch by Midnight Star, one of the best songs in the whole world. That is then followed by a bunch of whopper tunes.

Click here to check out the mix.

1. Midnight Star - Midas Touch
2. Clara Mondshine - Memory Metropolis
3. Helium Robots - Bring Drinking (Tuff City Kids Remix)
4. dOP - Rave Forever Together
5. Hardrive & Dino Lenny - A DJ Deep Inside (Shadow Child Vocal)
6. Shadow Child - String Thing
7. Huxley - Let It Go (Eats Everything Refuse)
8. Christian Löffler - Eleven feat. Mohna


Any excuse to post the Midas Touch video:

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