12 November 2020

A Different Animal - Hidden Agenda Mix

A deadly new mix from A Different Animal who inspired the return of Swooner! Deadly vibes including a new track from his upcoming EP! 

1) Superdiscount - Grokster
2) Mix and Fairbanks - Red light runner
3) Etienne De crecy - Daydream
4) Shee - Jiriya
5) Ain The Machine - Make your house funk again
6) Claude Von Stroke - I caught a vibe
7) Boots and Kat's - Seratona
8) Terr - Energy Sync (club mix)
9) Gabe Gurnsey - New Kind (Fall forward dub)
10) A Different Animal - And so the journey begins
11) Shaded - Mad stacks
12) Papa Marlin - Subways
13) James Solace - Keep on
14) Frenec - Yes Sir I can hardcore ( Michael Mayer remix)

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