15 January 2015

Fleetmac Wood Mix Volume 4

Volume 4! And this clip, always. Enough said.

Rhiannon - Lavashark Remix @lavashark
Tsk (Boris's Re-Rub)
Beyond 17 - Blamma! Blamma! @blamma-blamma
Showbiz Blues - LEXX & Honey K Version @finger-magazine
Go Insane (Original Extended Mix for Germany) - Lindsey Buckingham
You Make Loving Fun - Antenna Happy Edit @antennahappy
Little Lies - Jaust Remix @jaustmusic
Say You Love Me - Wonder Wheel v Chazzymax Pianomania Edit) @wonderwheeluk
Second Hand News - Lavashark Remix @lavashark

(On the off chance it's not enough said. Fleetmac Wood throw parties where they just play Fleetwood Mac tunes and edits. These mixes are full of those edits cut with soundbites of interviews with the band and are an absolute pleasure to behear, if you like that sort of thing. Check out Volume 1Volume 2 & Volume 3. They've gone stateside recently so get involved if you are in San Francisco on Saturday - check it here.)


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