23 January 2015

Museum Of Love - live performance on KEXP

Museum Of Love performing live in the KEXP studio, Seattle. Recorded December 7, 2014. SO. FLIPPING. GOOD.

I've posted a couple of excellent Pat Mahoney mixes on Swooner - check 'em out here.


20 January 2015

Compuphonic Tales #4

It may be cold outside (and you may be tired and cranky because you stayed up til all hours listening to tunes) but let Compuphonic melt your icy ear hearts with Tale number 4. Very dreamy as per usual. Slightly wintery vibes or maybe I am just imagining that!

Royksopp - Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)
Elderbrook - How Many Times (Andhim Remix)
Doc Daneeka - What's it gonna be feat. Seven davis jr
Felix Da Housecat - What Does it Feel Like (Röyksopp Remix)
Compuphonic - O Cypres
Klaves - People
Groove Armada - You Got To
Drew Hill - Talk To You (Groove Armada Remix)
HVOB - Window

I've posted a tonne of Compuphonic mixes on here. Check 'em out here and follow soundcloud.com/compuphonic-1

19 January 2015

The Boogie Cartel: The Leisure Centre Mix Vol. 09

NOTE: I posted this up last week and it subsequently went missing from Soundcloud - but the lovely people at The Leisure Centre told me it was on Mixcloud too - so here it is again for your listening pleasure!

Just came across The Leisure Centre mix series - not too sure what it's all about but it seems to involve 80s aerobics and synths and dancing, so naturally I was curious. And then I saw Swooner faves The Boogie Cartel have contributed so I became extremely interested. Quality 80s beats, funk and disco, including a sweet edit of one of my favourite 80s vibes, 'No Favors' by Temper. Looking forward to checking out the other mixes in the series.

Romel Westwood - Through With You
Janette Renee - I'm Gonna Be Your Lover
H & D - I'll Take You
Barbara Roy - Gotta See You Tonight
Lemuria - Thunder in Your love
Sha-Lor - I'm in Love
No Favors - Butcher edit
Arnold - Take Some Time
J Slyck - Talk To Me
Veronica - So In Love
Shelve - This World
Michael Baker - Don't You Want My Lovin'

I've posted a couple of other amazing Boogie Cartel mixes check 'em out here. If you haven't checked out The Boogie Cartel on soundcloud yet you are missing out. There also might be a Swooner mix from them on the way!

Speaking of 80s aerobics vibes, check out this amazing tune and video by Starcadian - set in a dystopian past or possibly future where contestants must dance ... or die!!


16 January 2015

Big Dish Go - Radioactivity Show 12.1.15

Big Dish Go's first Radioactivity show of the year on Radiomade.ie the other night. Absolutely whopper tunes from the Wee-Fee-Gee, Conor. Get in!

Tantra - A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys - Re Edit)
Andras & Oscar - Music is my Life
Antoni Maiowi - Blast First (Scott Fraser - Remix)
Oyvind Morken - En Navneles Jaevel
Audio Angel, Jp Soul, Space Coast - The Way (Sleazy McQueen Remix)
Logic System, Ryo Kawakami - Clash (DJ Harvey Remix)
Herr Styler - We are the Ones (Shinichi Osawa - Remix)
Mia Dora - Raw Kiss
Philipp Gorbachev - Arrest Me (JD Twitch Edit)
Reel Houze - The Chance (DJ Dub Plate Mix)
Terrance Parker - Somethin' Here
Luca Lozano - Mister Right Now
Ejeca - Bound to the Pump
TWR72 - Download
Ejeca - Charger
Spank Rock - Gully
Second Storey - One Sound
Akkord - Continuum
Extrawelt - The Inkling
Nightwave - Kiss Kat (feat. Ashniikko)
Beesmunt Soundsytem - Amsterdam 808
Jerome Hill - Paper Bag Acid
Chambray - Ghetto Giants (The Hacker Remix)
Gerry Read - 3,2,1
Second Storey - Reserved
Matthew Dear - Some New Depression
Kende - The Krkr Mountain (Bodycode Remix)
Fad Gadget - Back to Nature

Check out previous Radioactivity shows at radiomade.ie/podcasts/170
Big Dish Go also made an excellent Swooner mix - check that out here if you missed it before!


15 January 2015

Fleetmac Wood Mix Volume 4

Volume 4! And this clip, always. Enough said.

Rhiannon - Lavashark Remix @lavashark
Tsk (Boris's Re-Rub)
Beyond 17 - Blamma! Blamma! @blamma-blamma
Showbiz Blues - LEXX & Honey K Version @finger-magazine
Go Insane (Original Extended Mix for Germany) - Lindsey Buckingham
You Make Loving Fun - Antenna Happy Edit @antennahappy
Little Lies - Jaust Remix @jaustmusic
Say You Love Me - Wonder Wheel v Chazzymax Pianomania Edit) @wonderwheeluk
Second Hand News - Lavashark Remix @lavashark

(On the off chance it's not enough said. Fleetmac Wood throw parties where they just play Fleetwood Mac tunes and edits. These mixes are full of those edits cut with soundbites of interviews with the band and are an absolute pleasure to behear, if you like that sort of thing. Check out Volume 1Volume 2 & Volume 3. They've gone stateside recently so get involved if you are in San Francisco on Saturday - check it here.)


14 January 2015

Soul Clap Sugar Mountain Festival mix

Swooner faves Soul Clap have made this amazing 2 hour disco, funk, soul and house mix for Melbourne's upcoming Sugar Mountain Festival, which looks like a super sweet deal with a very good lineup. Quality vibes here. Damn you Melbourne having summer now while I am here wearing 2 cardigans and 2 scarves like a jerk!

I've posted a load of brilliant Soul Clap mixes before - check 'em out here.


12 January 2015

New Django Django: First Light

New Django Django - on repeat:

Buy it here.

Django Django have an excellent mix series called Out Sound From Way In - I've posted a few - check 'em out here. They are so good!


09 January 2015

Claptone: Clapcast #6

Ah, January. 

Another great mix from Claptone - I'm still getting into the swing of this new year so nothing too bananas! Melodic beats ahoy. Get listening - there's a DL after 50,000 plays.

I've posted a couple of other of his sweet mixes here and go follow soundcloud.com/claptone for the rest.

04 January 2015

Session Victim: Train Wreck Mix

First mix of 2015! In an attempt to allay the general fear within, post-festivies and in the face of impending return to work / real life, and despite its name, this mix is a gentle vibe enhancer from 2 man house band Session Victim - just really cool, chill but not too chill tracks with a bunch of their own thrown in. Lovely stuff. Hope your January is going ok. January can SUCK. And it's ok to think that*. Anyway. back to the choons:

1. The Touch - Eddie C
2 Glow In The Dark - Session Victim
3 Partido Alto - (LTJ Experience Remix) Azymuth
4 Eo's Place  -Session Victim
5 Savannas - Maricopa
6 Time To Let You Down - Session Victim
7 Closer - Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch
8 Same Way I Feel - (Session Victim Remix) Midnight Magic
9 Crystal Maze - Session Victim
10 Lagoon Drive - Ever Moving
11 Outro - Session Victim

Such a deadly remix of the Midnight Magic track - big fan of MM here in Swooner Towers. Check out an amazing mix of their tunes Soul Clap made here.


*If you or someone you know is having a rough time of it you can email for help here or call Aware on 1890 303 302 (10:00 - 22:00).