26 June 2014

D'Angelo's Red Bull Fireside Chat radio show

"I never had a chance to really get any jazz training or what have you like that, 
but I always felt like that was a good thing, it would have changed my whole style.."

Check out this interview where D'Angelo talks about his beginnings in music and making his first album, meeting his heroes, and is generally just extremely charming and amusing. What a smooth individual. And lots of his beautiful music to soothe your mid-week soul.

The Root - D'Angelo
Overjoyed - The Boys Of Choir Of Harlem
U Will Know - B.M.U.
Shit Damn Motherfucker - D'Angelo
Brown Sugar - D'Angelo
Lady - D'Angelo
The 'Notic ft. D'Angelo - The Roots
Playa Playa - D'Angelo
If You Got Funk You Got Style - D'Angelo
Superman Lover (Demo) - D'Angelo
Ain't Nobody Home - BB King with D'Angelo
Feel Like Makin' Love - D'Angelo
Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
Hard To Earn (Demo) - D'Angelo
Chicken Grease - D'Angelo
Untitled (How Does It Feel) - D'Angelo
Left & Right - D'Angelo
Spanish Joint - D'Angelo
I Found My Smile Again - D'Angelo

Although I would have liked a bit more of this particular vibe:


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