09 March 2014

Chromeo x Haim - Change Your Mind 100% - Faithful Players Edit

SO after watching the excellent Haim video on repeat a couple of weekends ago, I had an idea for a sweet mash-up featuring my favourite Chromeo track (100%) and I asked my friends Faithful Players if they would be on for giving it a go. Et voilà - the most awesome 80s tune ever. Thanks guys, sterling work.

Despite there being about a thousand different Chromeo mash ups on Youtube, it got deleted for copyright, so I put it here instead:

Faithful Players = Al and Brian, 2 Dublin based DJs who make sweet edits like this and put on parties about town. They also made a quality Swooner mix last year full of deep vibes, check it out here and follow facebook.com/FaithfulPlayers for more! 

Brian is also soundcloud.com/d-a-s-h.


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