26 March 2014

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.10: "Better Call Sol!" by Sol O'Carroll

It's been a while in the making but it was DEFINITELY worth the wait. I think Sol was painstakingly recording the first half of this mix from the radio, real old school style. Lots of Prince and real songs to get your ear teeth into (including one by Future Islands I cannot stop listening to), then he flips the tape and lays down some whopper beats! It's SO good. Thanks Sol!

To download this mix click here.

I posted a deadly radio show he did for Nightflight on Radiomade here, check it out and go follow mixcloud.com/Sol/ for more!

25 March 2014

Rocky's Damson: Deux: Darker mix

Are your moves this sweet? 

Another quality mix from Rocky T. Delgado to help you reach your mid-week dancing quota. Bouncy tunes from Escort, an amazing track about Vibes by 6th Borough Project, Shit Robot, that Legs tune sung by Dave1 AND the savage new track 'Space Inside' by Ships. and then a load of whopper beats from his set at Damson Diner on Paddy's weekend. So yes, right up my street, check it out:

I've posted a couple Rocky's other mixes check 'em here and check out his Swooner mix here. And go follow mixcloud.com/rocklord for more!

23 March 2014

Django Django: The Out Sound From Way In / Spring 2014

Another sweet mix from Django Django, always perfecting the mix tape. Lots of hip-hop and vibes:

I've posted a couple of Django Django mixes before, they are always insanely eclectic and well put together. These guys know their shiz. (This mix of theirs is also chock full of hip hop, and this one is their 6mix, where they play a load of stuff that influenced them, also very quality.) Check them out here and follow them at mixcloud.com/djangodjango/ for more.

Looking forward to their Late Night Tales coming out in May. They also have a pretty great Instagram account if you are that way inclined: instagram.com/thedjangos.


20 March 2014

Throne of Blood podcast 33: Reza Athar

One of the latest Throne Of Blood podcasts by Reza Athar. Amazingly dark and synthy start to this 2 hour mix full of very slick tunes. Sit back and let this happen to your ears. Check out that savage tracklist. Permanent Vacation, Tusk Wax, Correspondant, Infiné. And a tonne of stuff I hadn't heard before. Always tricky to make a 2 hour mix quality the whole way through but this sometimes low-key, sometimes banging mix kept me listening.
If you can't see the above box, click here.

01. Brain Machine – Capricorn Rising (Spectral Empire Mix) [Emotional Response]
02. Patrick Cowley – Journey Home [Dark Entries]
03. Rude 66 – Answers Come Always In Dreams [Bordello A Parigi]
04. Javi Redondo – Lonely [Astro Lab Recordings]
05. Richard Sen &v Cazbee – If You Were [Mixed Blood Cuts]
06. Candyblasta – Hippocratic Oath (Drvg Cvltvre Dub Mix) [Permanent Vacation]
07. Good Guy Mikesh – On Patrol [Ellum Audio]
08. XY-ME – Fearless [Days Of Being Wild]
09. Duncan Gray – Deep Blue [Tici Taci]
10. Emile Strunz – See What You Get [Join Our Club]
11. Eskimo Twins – Skraeling [Astro Lab Recordings]
12. Kalidasa – Cosmic Dance [Tusk Wax]
13. Delect – 97 (Club Bizarre Mix) [Leonizer]
14. Reagan & Carter (feat. Eddie Lobo) – O (Part 1) (Antoni Maiovvi Mix) [Emeral & Doreen]
15. Iron Blu – The Protagonist [Vivod]
16. Black Merlin – New World Fantasy [Common Thread]
17. The Mansisters – Bullschnitzell (Jennifer Cardini “Road To Schnitzel” Mix) [Correspondant]
18. Danton Eeprom – Biscotto & Chimpanzee (Man Power Mix) [InFine Music]
19. Featureless Ghost – Body Pillow [Acoustic Division]
20. TNT Subhead – The Book Of Yes [Groovement]
21. Blancmange – The Western (Cage & Aviary “Nothing Is” Dub) [[Emotional] Especial]
22. Headman – IAC Edit Service 28 [IAC – Edit Service]
23. Sharif Laffrey – Turn It Up [Discos Capablanca]
24. Teeth Of The Sea – Sentimental Journey (Cage & Aviary “Wyld” Dub) [[Emotional] Especial]
25. i-Boat Captain – Major Spam (Almunia Mix) [Is It Balearic…?]
26. Miajica – Wild Barrabas [LGDZ]
27. The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks – Acid Fantasy (Khidja & Balabas “Electric Fantasy” Mix) [Golf Channel]
28. Mario Basanov – Machinarium [Best Kept Secret]
29. Fader – Frozen Shavings [Borneo Records]
30. Bot’Ox (feat. Mark Kerr) – Goodbye Fantasy (Moscoman Mix) [I’m A Cliché]

I've posted a bunch of TOB mixes before, check 'em here.
Check out the rest at soundcloud.com/throneofblood.


18 March 2014

Q-Tip's Red Bull Fireside Chat radio show

Feeling a little seedy post Paddy's day weekend? Let the soothing tones of Q-Tip's voice flow over you and cure what ails you. Q-Tip knew about age 12 when he was making tapes that he was going to be a producer. He talks about his youth and early career and plays some of the tracks that influenced him, and about when he met Dilla for the first time, his solo stuff, how he got really into jazz and lost 20,000 records in a fire. SO interesting. Great radio. And lots of Tribe. What a ledge.

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Gettin Up - Q-Tip
The New Rap Language - Spoonie Gee
The Promo - Jungle Brothers
Bonita Applebum - ATCQ
Youthful Expression - ATCQ
Straight Outta Compton - NWA
Excursions - ATCQ
We Got(The Jazz)- ATCQ
Electric Relaxation - ATCQ
The Chase Pt.2 - ATCQ
One Love - Nas
Give Up The Goods - Mobb Deep
Get A Hold - ATCQ
1nce Again - ATCQ
Get A Hold - ATCQ
Find A Way - ATCQ
Like It Like That - ATCQ
Vivrant Thing - Q-Tip
Breathe And Stop - Q-Tip
Things We Do - Q-Tip
Barely In Love - Kamaal The Abstract
Official - Q-Tip
Believe - Q-Tip

Check out these similar, also awesome shows where artists talk about their influences and careers or play tracks they dig - ChromeoMayer HawthorneHoly Ghost!Kim Ann FoxmanBreakbotThe RaptureJamie LidellNile RodgersTalib KweliJackson (And His Computer Band)Jon Hopkins and Joe Goddard.


13 March 2014

Rubio's Tough Love mix

Thanks Rubio for sending me this - an hour and a half of quality, bassy, housey vibes, a mix of some older tunes and a bunch I'd never heard before. It really takes its time, pretty chilled before getting into some deeper beats. Love it. (Always forget how sweet that New Jackson 'The Night Mail' track is. Check out the amazing, super trippy video for it if you haven't already, here.)

1.Just Be Good To Mario - The Revenge
2.Invisible/Amenaza - Pional
3.White Lighting - Superpitcher
4.CompuRhythm (Dixon 4/4 Treatment)- Ian Pooley
5.The Night Mail - New Jackson
6.What's A Girl To Do - Fatima Yamaha
7.Space Me Out (Mario Basanov)-Downtown Party Network
8.You Take Me There (Behind The Sun)(Rodrigues Jr. Alt Rmx)- Karada, Pedro Mercado, Zoe Xenia
9.Dionne - Osunlade
10.Stranded - Iron Curtis
11.Deep in the Three - Thyladomid & Adriatique
12.Moving Day - David August
13.Aria (Tiger Stripes Rmx)- Lee Jones
14.The Sad Piano (Charles Webster Rmx) - Justin Martin
15.(Who Knows) Where Love Goes - Last Magpie
16.Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomix)-Outlander
17.Return 2 Acid - Kerri Chandler
18.Bang Alter - Tigerskin, Till Von Sein
19.I Don't Need A Cure For This (Kenny Larkin Rmx)- Radioslave
20.Hands In The Sand (Lauer Rmx)- Walter Jones
21.Panorama Three (Ripperton Mix)- Roots
22.Wicked Game - Soul Clap

Also, here is an original track he made a while back; amazing:

Rubio's playing Airbound in London at Easter. Can't wait to check him out live!


Get tickets for Airbound here.

12 March 2014

Swooner on Radiomade 10.4.12

No Tiny Choons show this month so have a Swooner show instead. Some old tunes, some new ones, lots of Chromeo, and mistakes, and ill-preparedness! Yay! Includes the previously unheard Chromeo x Haim mash-up by Faithful Players that I recently asked them to do. Normal Tiny Choons programming will resume next month. Phew!

Prince - I Feel For You
Daryl Hall & Chromeo - I Can't Go For That
Breakbot x Chromeo - Baby Be Night (Ugly Kids edit)
Fred Wesley - House Party
Imagination - Just An Illusion (Lindstrøm edit)
Rick James - Dance Wit' Me
Har Mar x Avenue D x Prince - Power Slut Kiss
MJ x Q-Tip - Unnamed
Metronomy - I'm Aquarius
Chromeo & Toro Y Moi - Come Alive
Architecture In Helsinki - I Might Survive
Chromeo - Over Your Shoulder
Chromeo x Haim - Change Your Mind 100% (Faithful Players edit)
Mano Le Tough - Please (New Jackson remix)
Fleetwood Mac - Family Man(Flight Facilities edit)
Poolside - Why You Wanna Go Do That?
Lasertom - Norwegian Pine
Mario & Vidis ft. Barbarossa - When Doves Cry
Benoit & Sergio - Boy Trouble
Oni Ayhun - OAR 003-B
Discreet Unit - Shake Your Body Down
James What - About Love
Chromeo - Momma's Boy

Check out previous Tiny Choons shows here and follow facebook.com/tinychoons for more.


09 March 2014

Chromeo x Haim - Change Your Mind 100% - Faithful Players Edit

SO after watching the excellent Haim video on repeat a couple of weekends ago, I had an idea for a sweet mash-up featuring my favourite Chromeo track (100%) and I asked my friends Faithful Players if they would be on for giving it a go. Et voilà - the most awesome 80s tune ever. Thanks guys, sterling work.

Despite there being about a thousand different Chromeo mash ups on Youtube, it got deleted for copyright, so I put it here instead:

Faithful Players = Al and Brian, 2 Dublin based DJs who make sweet edits like this and put on parties about town. They also made a quality Swooner mix last year full of deep vibes, check it out here and follow facebook.com/FaithfulPlayers for more! 

Brian is also soundcloud.com/d-a-s-h.


08 March 2014

The Rainbow Connection: Rainbows Of Reason mix

Have had this mini-mix on repeat the last couple of days. Nice and chilled but happy disco vibes. Fleetwood Mac, George Benson, Toney Lee, sweet grooves. The Rainbow Connection is Gus Franklin and Alex Kovac and take note Melbourne friends - they play in Atticus Finch which I gather is one of your antipodean good time drinking emporiums. Follow them on FB for more details. Let's face it, any mix that has the tags dance, pop, emotion and fantasy disco is a sweet deal:
If you can't see the above box, click here.


05 March 2014

Compuphonic Tales #2

Another quality mix from Compuphonic in his new series. Always a winner, I must admit. This includes his remix of the Freeform Five tune feat. Roisín Murphy. Which is pretty slick. And then some more pretty slick, quite deep beats. Lovely, lovely house!

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Ricoshei - Perfect Like You
Paul Kalkbrenner - Kruppzeug
Freeform Five feat. Roisin Murphy - Leviathan (Compuphonic Remix)
Riva Starr - Detox Blues (H.O.S.H. Remix)
Chopstick, Johnjon -Roots Feat Signaljacker (Original Instrumental Mix)
Paji - Sonoro
Lane 8 - The One Feat Patrick Baker
Chasing Kurt - From The Inside (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Mario Basanov - Slip Away (Daniel Bortz Remix)
Nick Curly - Piano In The Dark (Johnny D Remix)
Aly-Us - Follow Me (Instrumental Edit)

I posted Tales #1 here and a LOAD of other amazing Compuphonic mixes here. Get them into your head holes.


03 March 2014

Tiny Choons #3: Robot Edition

SO. A couple of weeks ago I posted about a mixtape The Revenge made full of amazing soul tracks. He and Roargroove had a competition where they made an actual tape and gave it away to a listener. Lo and behold, my amazing Tiny Choons co-host Zonja (pictured above, so smug) WON the tape. I was very jealous. But delighted a Swooner reader won it!

Listen to the latest Tiny Choons show below, all the songs are about robots or technology. May contain some mistakes and the sound of me spilling a drink all over the place. As well as a bunch of amazing robot tunes.

Check out The Revenge mix here. It's awesome.