30 June 2013

Peter Serafinowicz' Boards Of Canada inspired Solid Steel Radio Show

Just when I thought I couldn't like Peter 'voice dreamboat' Serafinowicz any more, turns out he is mad for Boards of Canada and made this mix for Ninja Tunes' Solid Steel Radio Show a couple of weeks ago with a load of chill beats on it. It even has some Gelg tunes that he made for his 'Look Around You' show on it. (Don't worry the mix isn't anything like that clip.) It gets pretty spacey and weird, which is amazing:
If you can't see the above box, click here.

Canadian TV - Thinkabout
Oa Buttercup - Android
The Conet Project -Achtung!
Gelg - Iron Filing Cabinet
The Conet Project - Voice Sample (1-10)
John Tejada - The Dream
Aphex Twin - Ageispolis
James Pants - Cosmic Rapp
John Forde - Atlantis
Gelg - Listiculon
The Jet Age of Tomorrow - Thump Thump
Gelg - A Pencil Case
Boards Of Canada - From One Source All Things Depend
Savath & Savalas - Transportation Theme
Boom Bip - Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards Of Canada Remix)
Plaid - Tak 3
Biosphere - Kobresiav Brian Eno - An Arc of Doves
Gelg - Heen
Engineers - Peter Street
Black Moth - Super Rainbow Forever Heavy
Gelg - Sleep Laboratory
Benge - Track 03
Gelg - Uhnkh
Samiyam - Frosting Packets
The Inigo Kilborn Group - A Tune For Lucy
Actress - N.E.W.
Boards Of Canada - 1986 Summer Fire

Watch loads more of 'Look Around You' online here.
You can also stream some of 'The Peter Serafinowicz' show here.


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