22 January 2013

Fleetmac Wood Mix for AOR Volume 2

Art by upso.

Yes! Volume 2 is out. Volume 1 was one of my favourite mixes of last year. Another batch of great edits from the Fleetmac Wood project, replete with soundbites from the band throughout. So satisfying to sing along to, particularly the version of 'Go Your Own Way' near the end. Downloadable too!

The Chain (Antenna Happy's Acid Pit Stop Mix)
Rhiannon (Baron Von Luxxury Dreams Unwinding Re-Edit)
Gypsy - River & Phoenix
Sister Of the Moon - Les Petits Oiseaux Edit
Seven Wonders - (AC Re-Edit)
Big Love - Red Ken (Big Four Letter Word Mix)
Dreams - (Gigamesh Edit)
Go Your Own Way - (Mojo Filter Grand Vocal Dub)
Rhiannon - Roxanne Roll's Birds Rising Remix

If you missed Volume 1, get it into you now. Click here.


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