18 December 2012

Kim Ann Foxman's RBMA Headphone Highlights show

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Another really enjoyable Headphone Highlights show from Red Bull Music Radio -  this time Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules and Love Affair / general ultra cool DJ fame) plays some sweet old school house jams and a few of her own tracks too. And sounds unbelievably adorable while she's at it. Love that 'Hypnotic Dance' tune. Quality:

If you can't see the above box, click here.

1 Play The World - JohNick
2 Creature - Kim Ann Foxman
3 Hot (Murk Mix) - Willie Ninja
4 Break Night - The Mole People
5 Jam The Mace - Kenny Dope / House Syndicate
6 Feelin’ Kinda High - Terence FM
7 Give It Up - The Good Men
8 Return It - Kim Ann Foxman
9 Seduce Me - Rave 2001
10 4 You (MK Dub) - 4th Measure Men
11 The Sounds In Da Air - Kenny Dope
12 Sunshine's Theme - Dubtribe
13 That Sound (Pete Heller’s Vocal Mix) - Ralph Falcon
14 Hypnotic Dance - Kim Ann Foxman
15 Atomic Slide (Rise Up & Work NYC) - Fierce Ruling Diva

I previously posted a mini-mix she made for Dazed Digital, click here to check it out or download.


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