15 October 2012

Chilly Gonzales: mini-mix and movie

Chilly Gonzales made a sweet mini-mix called Pianist Envy. If you sign up to his mailing list you can download it. Fair swap! Quality hip hop and Chilly piano / soundbites, not to mention a very motivational quote from the lesser known Rocky VI (a.k.a.Rocky Balboa), so it has my attention. Go here: chillygonzales.com/mixtape/.

Also, in case you missed it, Chilly Gonzales is in a pretty remarkable movie called 'Ivory Tower' with Tiga and Peaches about 2 competitive chess playing brothers. Check out the trailer:

My friend Zonja and I watched it and laughed our asses off. It's a pretty bizarre flick, but if you like Chilly or Tiga or Peaches, or chess, or the concept of jazz chess, or chess puns, or any combination of the above, or are even just quite drunk on a Saturday night, give it a go. And it's got Chilly's tunes throughout, so that's a winner. Chess we can!

He plays The Sugar Club on Thursday December 6th. Get tickets here.
His latest album 'Solo Album II' is available at chillygonzales.com/.

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