13 August 2012

Fleetmac Wood mix for AOR

What's this? A whole bunch of amazing Fleetwood Mac re-edits all together in a sweet hour long mix, complete with soundbites of the band throughout? Why, don't mind if I do. Thank you, good people of Fleetmac Wood, you just made my day. Downloadable too. Also, any excuse to post a Flight of the Conchords clip.

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Albatross (Serotony's Bleeding Wound Edit)
Christine Perfect - And That's Saying A Lot (Bobby Lee's Not Saying Much Edit)
Peter Green - One Woman Love (Fear of Theydon Late For The Party Edit)
The Green Manalishi (Mojo Filter Two-Pronger Edit)
Love in Store (MarshMellow Mike Re-Dig)
Seven Wonders (Roxanne Roll's Shadow of the Pyramid Re-edit)
Rhiannon (Flying White Dots Diskomiks)
Family Man '87 Remix (Smooth Sailing Edit)
The Chain (Mojo Filtered Edit)
Oh Well! (Mojo Filter Fleetmac Wood Edit)
Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)
Sara [Bobby Lost & Fear of Theydon's Lost Bhagwan Mix]

Check out Volume 2 here.



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    1. thought you might like this one! it's so good. will let you know if I find any similar gems x