18 June 2012

Throne of Blood podcast 001

Good weekend? 

A lot of sweet tunes here on NY label Throne of Blood's first podcast coming from Clouded Vision; download link available too if you sign up. (If you're feeling fragile after the weekend maybe skip it for a couple of days and go listen to some Sigur Rós or something.)

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Clouded Vision – City Thunder (Throne of Blood)
Scott Fraser - A John Hughes Excursion (Astrolab)
Trickski – Sunbeams in The Sky (Delusions of Grandeur)
The Love Supreme – The Velocity Session (Steve Cook Clouded Vision Remix)
Hardway Brothers – Mania’s Theme (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Is It Balearic)
Melon – Telephones (Rush Hour)
Los Lopez - Are You A Lesbian? (Mugwump Basement Remix) (Days Of Being Wild)
Last Waltz - Tangiers (Cottam's Cosmic Wooble) (Endless Flight)
Capablanca & T.Keeler - Acido (Name In Lights Remix) (Gomma)
Jonathan Kusuma – Mixed Signals (Space.Rec)
Crackboy - The Cursed 909 Dub (Tigersushi)
Permanent Vacation - Zucker Hut (John Talabot Remix)
Trevino – Backtracking (The Nothing Special)
Cybotron - Cosmic Cars (House Mix) (Fantasy)
Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored (Bloody Valentine Edit)


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