12 June 2012

Another Sloth Boogie mix: Gigamesh

Another of Slothboogie's mixes, I put up their mix by Plastic Plates before. How have only 20 people listened to this one? It's deadly. It's got Breakbot and Chilly Gonzales and Dee-lite and Al Green and a bunch of sweet Gigamesh remixes:

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Voices (Rayko Edit) – Russ Ballard
Black Dot, White Spider (Kelpe Remix) - Seeland
Why (Midnight Savari mix) – Joey Negro Pres. Kola Kube
Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger remix) – The Go! Team
Party Over Here (Gigamesh Rework) – Popular People’s Front
Church Love (A Leo Zero edit) – Al Green vs. NYC Choir
When You’re Dancing feat. Induce – Gigamesh
Groove Is In the Heart (Gigamesh remix) – Dee lite
Twist – Peter and The Magician
Out Of My Mind (Swiss Dance remix) - Tyson
Say Yes To Another Excess – Say Yes To Another Success
I Like What You’re Doing (Nightriders Remix) – Cassian
Fantasy feat. Ruckazoid – Breakbot
You Can Dance (Shadow Dancer Remix – Chilly Gonzales
Stop (Bangkok Impact remix) – B.W.H.
Victim feat. Blaqstarr (Gigamesh remix) – Win Win


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