16 January 2015

Big Dish Go - Radioactivity Show 12.1.15

Big Dish Go's first Radioactivity show of the year on Radiomade.ie the other night. Absolutely whopper tunes from the Wee-Fee-Gee, Conor. Get in!

Tantra - A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys - Re Edit)
Andras & Oscar - Music is my Life
Antoni Maiowi - Blast First (Scott Fraser - Remix)
Oyvind Morken - En Navneles Jaevel
Audio Angel, Jp Soul, Space Coast - The Way (Sleazy McQueen Remix)
Logic System, Ryo Kawakami - Clash (DJ Harvey Remix)
Herr Styler - We are the Ones (Shinichi Osawa - Remix)
Mia Dora - Raw Kiss
Philipp Gorbachev - Arrest Me (JD Twitch Edit)
Reel Houze - The Chance (DJ Dub Plate Mix)
Terrance Parker - Somethin' Here
Luca Lozano - Mister Right Now
Ejeca - Bound to the Pump
TWR72 - Download
Ejeca - Charger
Spank Rock - Gully
Second Storey - One Sound
Akkord - Continuum
Extrawelt - The Inkling
Nightwave - Kiss Kat (feat. Ashniikko)
Beesmunt Soundsytem - Amsterdam 808
Jerome Hill - Paper Bag Acid
Chambray - Ghetto Giants (The Hacker Remix)
Gerry Read - 3,2,1
Second Storey - Reserved
Matthew Dear - Some New Depression
Kende - The Krkr Mountain (Bodycode Remix)
Fad Gadget - Back to Nature

Check out previous Radioactivity shows at radiomade.ie/podcasts/170
Big Dish Go also made an excellent Swooner mix - check that out here if you missed it before!


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