24 June 2014

Big Dish Go June 2014 mix

Me at Body&Soul

It's been a while since I've posted anything due to work and being away having the time of my life at Body & Soul festival, but to get right back into things here is a sweet mix from Dublin's Big Dish Go boys - they are playing a bunch of festivals this summer so expect this kind of thing from them. Whopper beats. Whenever you think it might be about to get too banging, they pull it back. Brill! Including DL too.

1. Suuns - Up Past The Nursery (Ivan Smagghe Edit)
2. Eskimo Twins - I'm a Cliche Edit Service 19
3. John Carpenter - The End (Remix)
4. Pulp Disco & The Outcasts - Journeys Into The Bright World
5. David Shaw and The Beat - No More White Horses (Dombrance Remix)
6. Damon Jee - Empire of the Sun (Original Mix)
7. Sleazy McQueen - You Know How (Kasper Bjorke Remix)
8. Dimitri From Paris & Aeroplane - Black Hole Bass (606 Version)
9. Hotel Lauer - QD (Original Mix)
10. Jeremaier - Goldnugget (Trans Acid Lauer Remix)
11. Moralez - Acid Is The Answer feat. Kings Of The Universe (Original Mix)
12. Professor LaCroix & Kestrin - Legend Gold (Rodion Remix)
13. Rebolledo & Munk - Surf Smurf (Munk Version)
14. Skream - Bang That (Original Mix)
15. Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Shake It (Original Mix)
16. Dionigi - Make Your Body Move (Original Mix)
17. Billie Ray Martin - Sweet Suburban Disco (Severino Dub Mix)
18. Ninetoes - Finder (Original Mix)
19. Jimpster - Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix)
20. Kolsch - Der Alte (Original Mix)
21. Ben Sims - I Wanna Go Back (Featuring Blake Baxter)
22. WK7 - Do It Yourself (Original Mix)

Check out the Swooner mix they made here and go follow soundcloud.com/bigdishgo for more!


  1. This is astonishingly good.

    1. Hi Des, yeah, loving their work! Thanks for commenting I've passed your compliment on to them!