28 February 2018

Tiny Choons on Dublin Digital Radio: Episode 1 - Telephones

Tiny Choons has a new monthly show on Dublin Digital Radio!  You can listen to the first episode here, a bunch of tunes all about telephones! (And not a Blondie tune to be heard!) so, a wide mix from Kelis, Midnight Star, Blood Orange, Prince, The Rah Band and a lot more:

Our next show on DDR will be live on Sunday March 18th from 3pm - 5pm.
You can check out some more Tiny Choons shows here.


06 February 2018

Hawthorne Radio - Episode 22

I'm only just catching up on the Mayer Hawthorne Radio shows now. A seriously eclectic mix every time, the kind of radio I love, you never know what you are going to get and he throws in his own stuff as well.  This is a great one, he is playing the name game and every tune's title is a person's name.  I am very fond of themed shows like this as I know how much effort goes into putting them together!

Check out previous episodes at soundcloud.com/mayerhawthorne, I'd recommend starting with episode 14.