03 May 2016

Stream Har Mar Superstar's new album 'Best Summer Ever'

Great news. Har Mar Superstar has a new album out. It's called Best Summer Ever and you can stream it on thecurrent.org here:

Har Mar Superstar - Best Summer Ever - Stream on thecurrent.org

I'm a huge fan of Har Mar's vibe and voice. If you don't know his stuff you should check him out for sure. My favourite tunes of his (so far, haven't had time to let the new album sink in yet) are Tall Boy and Lady You Shot Me. They are completely different but just show his range and how god damn awesome he is.

The Current also got him in to do a live version of the track 'How Did I Get Through The Day' - what a performance!

And 'Youth Without Love':

He used to do a great podcast called Nocturnal Emotions, I've posted a few on Swooner here.