28 April 2016

Swooner Exclusive Mix #17: Rob Le Nan

Another amazing mix by Rob - this one is all old school hip hop.  Absolute vibes with a couple of my all time faves in there:

Catch Rob playing this summer at Life Festival, Body & Soul & Burning Man, and check out his weekly radio show on www.phever.ie every Wednesday lunchtime, 1-2pm. Follow him at soundcloud.com/rob_le-nan and on Twitter @RobLeNanMusic.

And most importantly, listen to his first Swooner mix here and some of his other mixes I've posted on Swooner here.

Thanks Rob!

24 April 2016

Vacationland #24: Water's Fine

A new Vacationland mix! Dreamy, as per usual. Lovely chilled vibes with quality soundbites throughout!

I am pretty sure the 'come on in the water's fine' quote is from Party Down, one of my favourite comedies. It was short-lived but it's amazing if you haven't seen it.

I've posted loads of Vacationland mixes, my favourite is this one, there are also some Bill Murray inspired ones, check them out here.

21 April 2016

Hipdrop Radio: Domo Arigato, Mr Row Yachto

Got an amazing, all heart, all vinyl lesson in Yacht Rock recently from Hipdrop Records:

Included in the lesson: essential viewing:

Check out the full series on on YouTube here.

Hipdrop Records on Mixcloud
Check out the Hipdrop Swooner mix here if you missed it!

19 April 2016

Mano Le Tough on Beats in Space

Lovely, lovely beats, in Mano's second BIS show.

I've posted a bunch of great Beats In Space stuff on Swooner, check it out here.
And other Mano stuff - here.


14 April 2016

Mayer Hawthorne live on KCRW

Excellent live performance by LA based Swoon Merchant Mayer Hawthorne on Morning Becomes Eclectic, a show on KCRW hosted by Jason Bentley. Includes his new single 'Love Like That' (at 5'30")- which is catchy as, and one of my faves, Designer Drug. There's a great lil interview too where he talks about  his new album Man About Town and is generally just a charm assassin. I really wish he would come to play in Dublin!

If the video above does not work go here: Mayer Hawthorne Live on KCRW


(He talks about food in the interview a bit - you should check out his Instagram account: instagram.com/mayerhawthorne if you are into that kind of vibe.)

13 April 2016

Vito & Druzzi - Far Away Guest Mix

A deadly mix for LA based vibe emporium Far Away - by 2 of my faves - Vito & Druzzi, including at least one unreleased tune of theirs and some other whopper beats. <3

I've posted a bunch of Vito & Druzzi stuff on Swooner check it out here.
I've also posted another Far Away guest mix, by another Swooner fave, Daniel T. - check that here.