27 March 2015

Faze Action: Beats Of Love Mix Vol. 1

Gorgeous happy disco love vibes from Faze Action - very nice!

First got into Faze Action when my Tiny Choons co host Zonja played me their track 'I Wanna Dancer' for our show all about space laser noises. It's so good. Their track, not our show. (Although our show is pretty good too) That's from their album 'Stratus Energy' - check out their latest album 'Body Of One' from last year as well. Been listening to loads of Midnight Magic lately and this is a similar vibe.

25 March 2015

Palmbomen II live on Beats In Space

Posted about Palmbomen II recently and he was just on Beats In Space yesterday doing a live set. Definitely a current favourite. Lo-fi and housey and soft synthy but also not really sounding like anything else I've heard before, easy to get lost in these blissed out island vibes, and then there's some absolute whopper bangin' tunes towards the end. Would love to see him live!


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23 March 2015

Paramida on Beats In Space

I posted an amazing podcast Paramida did for Throne Of Blood recently, and went to look up more of her stuff. Et voila. Swoon, swoon, swoon.

1. Street Corner Symphony - Street Corner Symphony - Open
2. Fantastic Man - Fountain Gate - Love On The Rocks (unreleased)
3. Fantastic Man - St. Elmo’s Theme - Love On The Rocks (unreleased)
4. Museums ft Zombies In Miami - Calo - Love On the Rocks (unreleased)
5. Tiedye - The Road Less Travelled (SONNS Remix) - Gomma
6. Split Secs - Tele Tone - Maybe Tomorrow (unreleased)
7. Christopher Rau - Weird Alps - Smallville
8. Esa - Sabela De Cuba (Afro Synth Remix) - Highlife World Series Cuba
9. Omer - Spring - Cocktail d’Amore (unreleased)
10. Jose Padilla - Day One (Telephones Club Dub) - International Feel

Check out that TOB podcast here if you haven't already.
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21 March 2015

Kool Clap live at Le Rafiot on RBMA Radio

Kool Clap always plays a slick mix of upbeat housey tunes with elements of hip hop, funk, soul and /or 80s vibes, pretty much my dream party music. Would love to see this guy live. This is a live set from Strasbourg from end of January I think.

I've posted a bunch of Kool Clap's stuff on Swooner check it out here.


19 March 2015

The J File: The Avalanches

I was well aware of Australia's radio station Triple J - but didn't know there is a digital station called Double J that has a weekly show called the J files that explores different records and bands. This episode with Tim Shiels looks back at the amazing Australian band The Avalanches -  playing their one and only album from 2000 'Since I Left You' in full - the show starts with some of their early EP tracks, includes stories behind some of the album tracks and samples and interviews with some of the band members. Also includes a rare B side of Frontier Psychiatrist I hadn't heard before, and the story behind that track and the song it samples. Quality radio show about an album which still sounds deadly 15 years later.

10 days left to listen:

It ends with a promising clip of an interview with Danny Brown where there is talk of a new album, (although I'm not going to hold my breath!) and the amazing remix of the Hunters & Collectors track they did about a year or so ago, but it doesn't play all of it, you can check it out here.

16 March 2015

Free DL: Edit Service 54 by Daniel T.

Big Daniel T. appreciation station at Swooner Towers. One half of Cosmic Kids and no stranger to making sweet tunes - including this one for I'm A Cliché - with free download too. Very chilled and dreamy vibes which is very important on a Monday morning when you just realised your bike was stolen the night before. Thinking calm, non-murderous thoughts, this song is helping.

I've posted a couple of deadly mixes Daniel T. has done, check them out here. And a bunch of Cosmic Kids ones here.

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13 March 2015

Throne Of Blood podcast 52: Paramida

Sometimes you just can't decide what kind of music you want to listen to and you listen to a bunch of crap you just don't like and then you remember there's probably a new TOB podcast out. I just listened to this mix very loud, on very good headphones and it was an extremely enjoyable experience. It's pretty banging, but in the most beautiful way. Did not know about Paramida til now, can't wait to check out more. Particularly love that Red Axes track, it's my favourite one from their new EP.

And downloadable .. G'wan Friday!

I've posted a bunch of TOB podcasts - check 'em out here and follow soundcloud.com/throneofblood for more!


11 March 2015

James Fox - Quintessentials Podcast

This is a soul, funk and hip hop journey - feel good vibes going somewhat to counteract this horrible morning! I've posted a few James Fox mixes on Swooner before but I just went to look for them and they've all been taken down unfortunately. But trust me, he is an excellent mixsmith. This has a DL link too.  Looking forward to checking out more of the Quintessentials podcasts.

1. D Train 'Keep On'
2. World Premiere 'Share The night'
3. Fatback Band 'I Found Lovin'
4. Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown 'Your Life'
5. Sparque 'Let's Go Dancin'
6. Bomp 'Disco Power'
7. Allen Toussaint 'We The People'
8. De La Soul 'Stakes Is High'
9. Common 'The Light'
10. Tribe Called Quest 'The Love'
11. Slum Village 'Climax (girl shit)'
12. Cuthead 'Everlasting Sunday'
13. Nu Sound Express, Ltd 'One More Time, You All'
14. Sensations Fix 'Fortune Teller (coda)'
15. Deniece Williams 'Free'
16. Staple Singers 'Do It Again'


08 March 2015

25 Deadly Free Downloads

This is a collection of some of my favourite free downloadable tracks on Soundcloud. Bit of a mixed bag, some old, some new, but mostly housey happy vibes. Includes the Faithful Players Chromeo x Haim mashup that I have posted before, and a great little disco edit from Dublin's own Fatty Fatty Phonographics. If you know of any more please let me know!

05 March 2015

Megadon Betamax

One of my favourite tracks of the past few years is this one 'Don't Ask' by Megadon Betamax. Gorgeous, quality disco house vibes. And true to the title I never even thought about looking up the artist til this week.

So - Megadon Betamx is an Autralian guy called Mostyn - he's based in Dubai and also one of the founders of London's Voyeurhythm Records. And most importantly in Swooner's eyes, he has a bunch of deadly mixes on his soundcloud. This one in particular is an oldie, but very excellent.