31 December 2014

Sweat Lodge Podcast : Best of 2014

Swooner pal and all round human dreamboat Lil Dave has been Berlin based for a while now working for Sweat Lodge Agency and lashing out the podcasts - check out his best of 2014 below with his favourites from the year. So many sweet tunes, and a deadly last post of the year for me. Thanks to everyone who checked out Swooner this year, looking forward to all the new songs we'll hear in 2015! Peace + swooning! x KT


P.S. Special thanks also to Pleasure Machines, Colin Perkins, Sol, Louche and Ivan for making amazing Swooner mixes this year too. If you missed any of them you can check them out here.

29 December 2014

Axel Boman: Let Them Eat Cake Podcast #014

Let Them Eat Cake is a New Year's Day party in Werribee Mansion in Melbourne. Swedish beat dreamboat Axel Boman is playing it this year and has given them this set he did at the Pampa Records showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event last October. It is great. And the Let Them Eat Cake graphics colours match this blog. Hurrah!


28 December 2014

The Deep End Podcast #110: Best of 2014

My mate Franky sent me this last week and I've had it on tonnes. Quality stuff from The Deep End, 2 Irish guys playing sweet tunes in Bondi! Some very quality tracks in here from Daniel Avery, Floating Points, Benoit & Sergio and many more sweet vibes ! Thanks Franky!

21 December 2014

Juan C: Ataraxia Mix 015

Juan C made this for clothes label Ataraxia Trend's mix invaders series. Very cool beats with some beautiful, and some filthy tracks throughout! Looking forward to checking out more in the series now too.

I was in Madrid last month when I went to a club where Juan C was playing. He was so good I have since asked him to make a Swooner mix which he assures me he will be recording soon! Hurrah! In the meantime also check out a mix of his I posted recently here, also amazing. Get in!


14 December 2014

Nightmares On Wax: Live Set @ Th!nk Festival

Here is a deadly live set by DJ Ease aka Nightmares On Wax at Th!nk Festival in Leipzig. Very sweet vibes with some funk and soul, heading into some nice beats. Perfect!

Check out his Beats in Space show I posted recently here, also contains a sweet little doc about him.



13 December 2014

Moshigogo's Best Of 2014

Swooner pal Moshigogo's best of 2014 - been listening to this all week but only getting a chance to stick it up here now! Some very sweet nu-disco and chill beats throughout. Thanks for all the vibes Moshigogo. Here's to 2015!

I've posted a tonne of Moshigogo's mixes check 'em out here and go follow https://soundcloud.com/moshigogo for more!

09 December 2014

Throne Of Blood podcast 47: Vito & Druzzi

Amazing - the latest and last Throne of Blood podcast of the year comes from Swooner faves Vito & Druzzi - and is absolutely whopper. Serious beats and some beautiful, albeit somewhat banging tracks, throughout!

Vito & Druzzi used to be in The Rapture and now make absolutely banging tunes and savage mixes. They did an earlier TOB podcast which is also awesome and you can check out here. Check out some of their tunes here - and one of my favourite tunes of this year was this one by Baby Alpaca, remixed by Druzzi.

Go follow at soundcloud.com/vitodruzzi and twitter.com/VitoDruzzi.

I've also posted a bunch of amazing Throne of Blood podcasts check them out here and follow soundcloud.com/throneofblood for more. SWOON.

04 December 2014

Erlend Øye's Fireside Chat

"One thing I really like in life is to make people dance. I love to be the guy that comes into the party and realises 'oh..I think everyone wants to dance but they are just too shy to dance!' - and so I start dancing on the dancefloor on my own and ... after they see me dancing around it feels much safer for them to go there!'
Whitest Bergen boy alive, King of convenience and emperor of dreaminess Erland Oye talks about getting into music, deejaying and the different bands he's been with - and there's a bunch of his solo,  KOC and WBA tracks thrown in. Very chilled, apart from the Kakkmaddafakka track!

1. Winning A Battle, Losing The War - Kings Of Convenience
2 Leaning Against The Wall - Kings Of Convenience
3 Toxic Girl - Kings Of Convenience
4 The Athlete - Erlend Øye
5 Ghost Trains - Erlend Øye
6 Drop (Kings Of Convenience Tusen Takk Rework) - Cornelius
7 Homesick - Kings Of Convenience
8 I’d Rather Dance With You - Kings Of Convenience
9 Golden Cage - The Whitest Boy Alive
10 1517 - The Whitest Boy Alive
11 Restless - Kakkmaddafakka
12 Boat Behind - Kings Of Convenience
13 La Prima Estate - Erlend Øye
14 Garota - Erlend Øye
15 Fence Me In - Erlend Øye

I've posted a good few of these shows, where artists talk about their influences and careers or play tracks they dig - ChromeoMayer HawthorneHoly Ghost!Kim Ann FoxmanBreakbotThe RaptureJamie LidellNile RodgersTalib KweliJackson (And His Computer Band)Jon Hopkins,  Joe Goddard, Q-Tip, Bonobo, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo and Questlove, Caribou and Underworld.

01 December 2014

Daniel T: Far Away Guest Mix

Artwork from Far Away's FB page.

Another quality mix by Daniel T, part of Swooner favourites Cosmic Kids. Lovely stuff for LA based vibe merchants Far Away Records. Starts off dreamy, and continues its policy of strict dreaminess for the duration.

Check out another amazing mix Daniel T. did - I posted it here. And follow him at soundcloud.com/danieltmusic for more mixes and sweet edits! I've posted a bunch of Cosmic Kids mixes too, check them out here.