27 November 2014

IVAN idea! A MINOR Mix Of VARIAN Intensity: Swooner Exclusive Mix no. 13

Due to some tech difficulties involving my laptop and a rogue glass of wine I've been sitting on this for a while. But finally getting to share it with you all today! The latest Swooner mix comes from Dublin's Ivan Varian and is absolutely whopper, filled with beats of varying intensity, mostly in an A Minor key! 

To DL click here.

David Holmes - Story Of The Ink
Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy - My Heart
Rampue - Turn Around
Tronik Youth - Pain Relief (DJ Steef remix)
Velvet Season & Hearts of Gold - Camel Toe Central
Matthew Dear - Headcage (Disko Selectors Extended remix)
Hardway Bros - AB Musique
Cliff Martinez - Son of Placenta Previa
Genius of Time - Tom Jam
Shinichi Atobe - Free Access Zone 2
Soul Clap - Conscious
Burnski - Time
Daniel Avery - All I need (Roman Flugel remix)
Thomalla - Nachkik
Deep & Disco - Hitney Whouston
Ishmel - Luomo
Wolf + Lamb and Nick Monaco - Festival Erotica (Soul Clap Remix)
Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Dj Koze Remix)
Jamie Lloyd - May I (Quarion Remix)

Ivan co-presents Deep Side Cuts on Radiomade and curates deepsidecuts.com/. He also recently made an excellent 3 part mix series called '20 Years A Diggin'" - all of which can be found on Swooner and I would highly recommend checking out here

Go follow him at: mixcloud.com/ivanvarian/ - Thanks Ivan! 

14 November 2014

Swooner Movie Nights: Discopathe

Been a while since there's been a Swooner movie! When my friend Louis at Discotekken told me he was starting a film night I knew I had to get involved and get him to show Discopath. Why, it's a horror movie about a guy who gets an uncontrollable urge to kill whenever he hears disco music, of course! Showing on Saturday 22nd November at The Generator Hostel in Smithfield - they have a very cool underground screening room, and there'll be a live funk band called Bunk on after. There'll also be lashings and lashings of Teelings Whiskey and screen printing if you are so inclined. It's pretty much my dream night! Disco dress up encouraged but not mandatory. Hope you can make it!

Check out the trailer:

Tickets are €10 and you can get them here.
Join the FB event here. Go like Discotekken here.

Check out previous Swooner movies here.

12 November 2014

Madrid - Juan C: Play Pal Mix 001

Madrid has amazing DJs AND Fucking Cosmic Trendy Balls Graffiti - Photo by KT MC

Visited Madrid for the first time at the weekend and was brought to a deadly bar called Evaristo by my friend Lucia on Saturday night - the music was so amazing I made my friend Shane find out who one of the DJs was. It was Juan C - who made this mix for Madrid label Play Pal. Quality beats. I have since contacted him and he has said he will make a swooner mix in the future! Huzzah! OR at least that's what google translate told me he said. Watch this space!


06 November 2014

Ivan Varian: 20 Years A Diggin' - Vol. 3

Finally got around to checking out all 4 hours of Volume 3! The mixcloud link didn't seem to be working for me so you can stream and/or DL it here. Such a quality series spanning 20 years of awesome tunes. As he said, "I'd the intention of just doing one mix, but the list of tunes was huge (it's 13.5 hours in total) so that's why I divided it up in to three themes of big room, basement, and bar, in that order for part one two and three." Hurrah!

Body and soul - in the beginning
The Marvels - Rock steady
Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Lover
Lee scratch perry and the orb - golden Clouds
Johnny Walken - In Zaire
Bomb the Bass - Bug Powder Dust (La Fun Mob mix)
Max sedgley - Happy
The Prodigy - Diesel Power
Dj Shadow - The Numbers Song (Cut Chemist remix)
Rayko - Superman
The Jacksons - It's Great to be here
Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure (Leftside Wobble edit)
Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling
Grandbrothers - Ezra was Right
Pogo - Alice
Theo Parrish - Flowers
Shortwave Set - Glitches and Bugs (Mungolian jet set mix)
The Cure - Close to me
Prince - Sign of the Times
Soulwax - Six Days (baba black edit)
Frank Booker - Hope
Ralph Myres - Think Twice
Sebastian Tellier - La Ritournelle (Jake Bullet mix)
Notorious BIG - Party and Bull**** (Dave Qrangler remix)
Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing
Charles Bradley - No Time for Dreaming
C+C Music Factory - Do ya wanna get funky (Pineapple Funk Edit)
Jourbert Singers - Stand on the Word (Unabombers Edit)
Chemical Brothers - Lost in a K hole
Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (2slow2lounge mix)
David Holmes - 69 Police (Four tet mix)
The PTA - Two sides of Sympathy
The Source - You got the love
Lorem Ipsum - Village fire garda fight
Escort - Cocaine Blues (GW edit)
Ultramagnetic Mcs - Poppa Large (East coast mix)
Dj Nori - Happy Sunday (Maurice Fulton remix)
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop (T+T version)
Chemical Brothers (linstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)
The Doobie Brothers - What a fool believes
Animal Collective - My Girls
Deady - Gypsy WOman
New Mjondalen Disco Swingers - Eurodans
Matias Aguayo - Mnta Latte (Prins Tomas Diskomiks)
Kotelett Zadak - Tony Trader
Ulrich Schnauss - Stars (Kunstlerpaar Dub)
Peter Gordon and Dominic Butler (Factory Floor) - C-Side
Grace Jones - Private Life
John Barry - Capsule in Space
The Bad Plus - Flim
New Yorcian Soul - I am the black gold of the sun (4 Hero remix)
London Elektricity - Cum Dancing
Bone Thugs and Harmony - 1st of tha Month (K+D remix)
Dr Octogon - Blue Flowers

Check out part 1 here and part 2 here and follow mixcloud.com/ivanvarian/ for more!

ALSO! In excellent news Ivan will be doing an exclusive Swooner mix soon! Watch this space!

04 November 2014

Throne Of Blood podcast 45: JDH & Dave P

Latest Throne Of Blood podcast by JDH and Dave P is very slick. Dark and increasingly banging but always quite beautiful. Love it. Perfect dark night, cold weather listening. Every tune is a winner. Holy crap, that last track!

Bing and Ruth - The Towns We Live is Our Town
Chloe - One Ring Circus
Lokier - Edit Service 34
Mike Mind - Caveman
Timothy J. Fairplay - Their Trade is Treachery
Richard Fearless - Gamma Ray
Dark Strands - Return of the Oscillator
Man Power - Taronja
Applescal - Dark Hearts
Damian Lazarus - Lovers' Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) - Dixon Re-edit
Lauer - Stigma
Tornado Wallace - Soft Light
Roman Flügel - Wilkie
Matias Aguayo - Run Away from the Sun
Daniel Bortz - Tomorrow We Start a New Life
Suuns - 2020 (Abstraxion Remix)
Philipp Gorbachev - What Do You Need - Danny Daze Version
NY Endless - Scale Those Heights

Not being American or particularly cool I didn't know who Dave P or JDH were, but goddamn if I don't love 'em now. Dave P has a radio show called Making Time RADio which I plan to check the heck out of: soundcloud.com/makingtime

I've posted a good few TOB podcasts, check 'em out here. You can DL it on itunes here and follow https://soundcloud.com/throneofblood for more!

02 November 2014

The Rainbow Connection: Party Eyes Mix

Another deadly mix from Melbourne's The Rainbow Connection to cure any post-Hallowe'en hungover heads. Anyone in their part of the world should check out their FB page to see when they are playing and go dance to some sweet disco and party vibes; this is a live set they did not too long ago. Downloadable too!

Also! check out a previous Rainbow Connection mix I posted here and go follow soundcloud.com/the-rainbow-connection and rainbownnectiondj.tumblr.com/ for more.