30 October 2014

Ghost Story Mixed By The Revenge

Swooner pals may recall that The Revenge and Roar Groove have a series where they make a real life mix-tape and give it away. (My Tiny Choons co-hort and co-host Zonja won the first edition - the Valentine's love tape!) Well here is the Hallowe'en volume! You need to enter your email to DL and you are put in the draw to win the tape. Or you can just stream the mix on the page. This vibe is pretty deep. Happy Hallowe'en!



24 October 2014

Faithful Players' Dead Famous Hallowe'en Disco Ball

Swooner pals Faithful Players are putting on their annual Hallowe'en Disco Ball next week (Saturday November 1st, Sycamore Club) - I was delighted to be asked to do some artwork for them! I went to their disco ball last year and it was excellent - although I was quite intimidated by the level of effort people put into their costumes! Here is a mix Eoghan M did as a little warm up - check it out, lots of party vibes and edits:

ALSO! Check out the exclusive Swooner mix Faithful players did here and also check out the super sweet Chromeo / Haim mashup I asked them to do, it's amazing, and there's a free DL too:


23 October 2014

Underworld's Fireside Chat

"We thought, wouldn't it be great to be a band that doesn't destroy the vibe?"

NICE! Underworld did a Fireside Chat for RBMA Radio. Karl Hyde talks about their early career, mistakes they made and how they became the band we know today.  Really interesting to hear about early rave culture, the influence of travel and New York on their music, the progression of their career, all with a load of their tunes thrown in!


I've posted a good few of these shows, where artists talk about their influences and careers or play tracks they dig - ChromeoMayer HawthorneHoly Ghost!Kim Ann FoxmanBreakbotThe RaptureJamie LidellNile RodgersTalib KweliJackson (And His Computer Band)Jon Hopkins,  Joe Goddard, Q-Tip, Bonobo, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo and Questlove, and Caribou.

22 October 2014

Falcon Punch at Park Avenue

Gorgeous disco, beat, and funk filled, vinyl only mix from Falcon Punch - downloadable too!

Check out Falcon Punch's White Light Mix I posted before here. It's also quality.


17 October 2014

As Fresh As It Gets: Robots With Rayguns

Imagine my delight today when a new Swooner follower on Twitter not only had the name 'Robots With Rayguns' but then turned out to be a quality synth pop robot with a dreamy electro ray gun - also called Lucas Smith from Phoenix, Arizona. I fucking love the internet! His album is streaming on Spotify below or you can listen and buy it on bandcamp here.  Was loving it today as it poured rain outside - it's summery, with hints of Architecture In Helsinki, Neon Neon and generally just serious electro vibes. And by serious I mean fun. If you liked that Starcadian stuff I posted about before, you might dig this. And if you didn't dig that Starcadian stuff I posted before, you are in the wrong part of the internet, my friend!

13 October 2014

Moshigogo September 2014 mix

Ah, weekends. 

Monday morning never seemed so dreamy. Late to this party it being mid October already, but the latest Moshigogo mix is the usual blend of vibes, it may as well still be summer!

Spoiler alert: the last tune is some kind of version of Dario G's Sunchyme - the original of which we played as the last track on our Tropical Tiny Choons show before which makes me mighty pleased we're not the only ones who recognise the awesomeness of that ridiculous track!

Lots more Moshigogo here and go follow soundcloud.com/moshigogo for even more.

11 October 2014

Tropicool: Indian Solstice

Swoon alert! Latest Tropicool mix is pretty damn dreamy. Gorgeous chilled vibes. Beautiful artwork as per usual - and downloadable too. Happy Saturday!

1. Chet Faker - 1998 (NTEIBINT Remix)
2. Moon Boots - Don’t ask why ft. Kyiki
3. XTRAFUNK- Deep Down
4. Yasmine Hamdan- Deny (Holmes Price Remix)
5. Flight Facilities - Two Bodies (Unreleased DJ edit)
6. Casino Gold - In the Air
7. CASINO GOLD - Feel so Fine
8. Klar & PF - Endless
9. Estate + Liquid Pegasus - Tendency (Satin Jackets Remix)
10. Jessie Ware - Say you love me (Alex Adair Remix)
11. Siente - Wonderful
12. Klar & PF - Escape (Extended Mix)
13. Justin Faust - Spellbound (Nteibint Remix)
14. Bondax - All I See (Darius Remix)
15. ONUKA - Look (Tigerskin Remix)
16. Tensnake & Jacques Lu Cont - Feel of Love (Joe Goddard Remix)

I've posted a bunch of sweet vibes from Tropicool, check 'em out here.


08 October 2014

Kool Clap's 'An All Night Party' mix Vol 2.

Huzzah - a new Kool Clap mix, and it's a little longer this time! Funky vibes as per usual! Downloadable too.

2.Circle city band."Magic"
3.Sumy."Funkin' in your mind"
4.Videeo."Closet freak"
5.Bryan Loren."Easier said than done"
6.Howard Johnson."Let's take time out"
7.Circle city band."Party lights"
8.La Toya Jackson."I like everything you doin'"
9.Chocolate Milk."Who's getting it now"
10.Eugene Wilde."Personality"
11.Jeffrey Osborne."Soweto"
12.Gallifré ft Mondée Oliver."Don't walk out on love".

I've posted a bunch of Kool Clap mixes on Swooner - check 'em out here.


03 October 2014

New Jackson: The Ransom Note mix

Well, this is quality. New Jackson for the excellent music site The Ransom Note. Dreamy, proper mix tape action, all sorts of everything in there, all getting on great. With possibly the best title of an intro I've seen yet. Happy Friday!

0. (Carl Craig opening and closing his car door)
1. The Parliaments 'I Can Feel The Ice Melting' (Revolt)
2. Fern Kinney 'Ready For Your Love' (Malaco)
3. The Chill Factor 'Keep On Trying' (Olympus)
4. Knight Action 'Single Girl' (Club) (Clone Classic)
5. Tevo Howard 'Energia' (Boogiedisco mix) (Beautiful Granville)
6. Jason Grove 'Streets' (Wax Classic)
7. Patrice Scott 'Orbital Bliss' (Sistrum)
8. Galcher Lustwerk 'Put On' (White Materials)
9. Pollyn 'Sometimes You Just Know' (Moodymann remix) (MMG)
10. Leisure Connection 'Jungle Dancing' (No Label)
11. X-Ray 'Let's Go' (A mix) (Transmat)
12. Tr-One 'Living In Now' (Pogo)
13. MCDE 'Monorail' (MCDE)
14. Shake 'The Floor Filler' (Rush Hour)
15. New Jackson 'Of A Thousand Leaves' (Major Problems)
16. Robert Armani 'Lap' (Dance Mania)
17. Projekt:PM 'When The Voices Come' (Guidance)
18. Josey Wales 'Ruling' (Black Solidarity)
19. JJ Cale 'Starbound' (A+M)

I'm a massive New Jackson fan. Check out the amazing tune and video 'The Night Mail' here if you haven't before, or even if you haven't in a while.


02 October 2014

Suol Radio Show 020 - Chopstick & Johnjon

Been pretty quiet in Swooner Central lately - not even sure why. Then I checked this out. So many deep vibes, chilled and beautiful tunes from the Suol guys. No tracklist yet unfortunately - some quality numbers in there! Downloadable too!


One of my favourite tunes ever was released on the Suol label a few years back - check out Pill Collins by Trickski if you don't know it.