27 August 2014

Roman Flügel + Axel Boman b2b - Nuit Sonores 2014

Serious beats from these two. Pretty bangin' at times - with some amazing tracks throughout. Deadly mid-week mini rave, if you are so inclined.

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24 August 2014

Moshigogo August mix 2014

If you say so Bill Murray. 

It's still summer, right? RIGHT? Moshigogo's August mix is a pleasure, as per usual. Perfect for a slightly still sunny Sunday.  Been listening to a load of Chromatics lately so great to hear that tune in a mix. And I love that Empire of The Sun track too. And the last song is SO good. Sing it Alexander!

1) West Coast (Mantu Remix) - Lana Del Ray
2) Payer in C (Robin Schultz Remix) Lilly Wood and the Prick
3) Into the Black (Beatamines Edit) - Chromatics
4) Chain of Fools (Same Remix) - Aretha Franklin
5) Something About You - Jetlag
6) Be Like You - Linden Jay
7) Til Sunrise (Templeton Remix) - Goldroom
8) Sleepless (Wehbba Remix) - Joyce Templeton
9) Work It - Wasted Ruffians
10) Paradoxx Music (Mongochips Remix) - Hatchets
11) Cassiopeia - Kolsch ft Gregor Schwellenbach
12) We Are The People (Flic Flac remix) Empire of the Sun
13) Guilty Pleasure!!

Way more Moshigogo mixes here including his Swooner mix here. Go follow soundcloud.com/moshigogo for even more!

21 August 2014

Dreaming Of La Playa: Pre-Burning Man mix by Rob Le-Nan

An extremely sweet mix (first half funk, second half beats, what more do you need?) from Swooner pal Rob Le-Nan who is just about to hit stateside with a couple of gigs at Burning Man. If you are going to be at the festival, (you goddamn hippy) check him out at Basshenge at 7pm Tuesday August 25th and at the aul' Irish Camp 'Celtic Chaos' on the Wednesday - and tell him Swooner sent ya!

Vaya con Dios and have a great festival Rob!

Check out the deadly Swooner mix Rob made last year here and go follow soundcloud.com/rob_le-nan for more!

20 August 2014

Questlove's Red Bull Fireside Chat radio show

"We talk a good game - but someone has to show up at the studio"

The Roots drummer and human music encyclopaedia Questlove talks about being born and raised in West Philadalphia (hard not to sing that bit) by strict parents, his journey to become an amazing machine like drummer, then meeting Dilla and how that forced him to re evaluate everything he had learned, becoming successful, working with Jay-Z and D'Angelo and, even despite his success, still managing to be kept in check on occasion! Quality radio for any Roots fans. (But for the record I do not agree with his 'no shame' deejaying policy - although it sounds like he is having trouble coming to terms with it himself!)

1 Distortion To Static - The Roots
2 Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & The Hearts
3 Why Do Fools Fall In Love - The Teenagers featuring Frankie Lymon
4 Door Of The Cosmos - Sun Ra
5 Soul Drums - Bernard Purdie
6 It's Comin' - The Roots
7 What Goes On, Pt. 7 - The Roots
8 Proceed - The Roots
9 The Lesson, Pt. 1 - The Roots
10 Clones - The Roots
11 Ital (The Universal Side) - The Roots
12 Dillatastic Vol Won(derful) - The Roots
13 Can't Stop This - The Roots
14 Bullshit - The Pharcyde
15 Feel Like Makin’ Love - D’Angelo
16 Untitled (How Does It Feel) - D’Angelo
17 The Line - D’Angelo
18 Time Traveling (A Tribute to Fela) - Common
19 The Next Movement - The Roots
20 You Got Me - The Roots
21 Jigga What, Jigga Who (Unplugged) - Jay Z
22 What They Do - The Roots
23 Water - The Roots
24 Star - The Roots
25 Rising Up - The Roots
26 A Piece Of Light - The Roots
27 Radio Daze - The Roots
28 Lighthouse - The Roots

I've posted a good few of these shows, where artists talk about their influences and careers or play tracks they dig - ChromeoMayer HawthorneHoly Ghost!Kim Ann FoxmanBreakbotThe RaptureJamie LidellNile RodgersTalib KweliJackson (And His Computer Band)Jon Hopkins,  Joe Goddard, Q-Tip, Bonobo, Erykah Badu and D'Angelo.


17 August 2014

Kubrick Space Funk Mixtape by Marc D L

As you can probably tell from the background on Swooner I'm a fan of anything space related. So when Marc D L from Sydney sent me this 'Kubrick Space Funk Mix' I was hoping I was in for a treat. And I was. Quite cinematic, perfect for a Sunday afternoon of cosmic funk adventures. Thanks Marc!

For other space related adventures check out Lasertom's album Drift, or Vacationland #16 (an ode to Carl Sagan) or even, if you dare, Tiny Choons #2 which was all about space laser noises!


15 August 2014

Tiny Choons mini-mix for Radiomade's Guinness World Record attempt

The Radiomade guys are making another attempt at a Guinness World Record* in aid of Movember at the moment. They started this morning at 9am and are going to have a marathon radio show til Sunday night! The lads are really entertaining and well up for the chats, and they've commissioned 63 sweet mini mixes so I'd highly recommend tuning in at www.radiomade.ie whenever you can over the weekend. And donate to Movember here of course! Best of luck guys!


Radiomade is home to our Tiny Choons show so we were asked to do one of the mini mixes, et voila:

TUNE IN: www.radiomade.ie
DONATE: mobro.co/radiomade

*Last year they attempted the record for the most interviews on a radio show - Jack interviewed 222 people in 24 hours - an amazing feat! But by the time they sent in all the info someone in Italy had beaten the records! Rats! They'll do it this time though! 

14 August 2014

"It's Not Un-Louche-Ual" - Swooner Exclusive Mix no.12 by Louche

My, my, my, delirah to announce the latest Swooner mix is by Nightflight's Louche! It's not unusual for him to play quality beats with some gorgeous vocal house in there so no surprises that this mix is deadly! 

Louche plays the first Saturday of every month in Dublin's Grand Social and will also be playing the upcoming Electric Picnic (Saturday 30th August 7:30-9pm Upstage at Body & Soul) - Vibes guaranteed! 

To DL this mix click here.

Go follow soundcloud.com/louchenightflight and mixcloud.com/louchenightout/ for more!

I posted a mix by Louche previously on Swooner - check that out here if you haven't already!

11 August 2014

Compuphonic: Deep House London Mix #12

Compuphonic made a mix for Deep House London and it has loads of his own tunes in it. Starts with his new track "O Cypres" from his latest EP of the same name. This is excellent, as per usual.

There are a tonne of deadly Compuphonic mixes on Swooner, check them out here.


10 August 2014

Track of the day: Baby Alpaca 'Run With You (Druzzi Remix)'

Cannot get enough of this tune. It's a remix of Baby Alpaca's track 'Run With Me' from the EP 'Strictly Sexual' - it's out on Atlas Chair Records and you can buy it here if you want. It came with the added bonus of me accidentally googling baby alpacas. Definitely playing this on Tiny Choons tomorrow!

This is another track by the same guy / band, a different vibe, but really great as well.

He (Chris Kittrell) actually looks like this. 

I've posted a couple of other things Druzzi has done check 'em here

05 August 2014

Dimitri From Paris - Live from Glitterbox

Another deadly episode in the Glitterbox series - Defected's club night in Booom, Ibiza this season. This one is an hour and a half of one of Dimitri From Paris' live sets. Very disco dancey dreamy.  Particularly love that 'Dance Dance Dance' tune of Lykke Li's, hadn't heard it in ages and that amazing version of Prince's 'Wanna Be Your Lover' at the end. You can hear the crowd singing along and cheering at the end. Deadly!

For more info about the night and a short interview go to defected.com/news/dimitri-paris-glitterbox/. I also posted the set Greg Wilson did for them here.


04 August 2014

Ivan Varian: 20 Years A Diggin' - Vol. 2

Part 2 of Dublin DJ Ivan Varian's 20 year dance odyssey is here! Internet in my place is sketchy so I have listened to the first hour of this about 6 times (Lemon Jelly! Orbital!) - only just got around to checking out all 4 hours 40 mins of it today. It's pretty epic, the quality tunes just keep on coming. Great way to spend a very lazy bank holiday Monday afternoon. It's SO good, was even throwing some shapes around my bedroom despite my hangover! Nice work!  

Page One - Lemon Jelly
Rose Rouge - St Germaine
3.Beyond (feat Seaming To) - Mr Scruff
Shackblu - Plaid
Funny Break - Orbital
Get up Grokster - Joey Pineapples
Angola (C2 remix) - Cesaria Evora
Plastic Dreams - Jaydee
Unser - Dj Silversurfer
Mouth To Mouth - Audion
The Red Dress (feat Die Elfen - Tiefschwarz remix) - Phonique
Two Month off - Underworld
Zora - John Dahlback
Au Seve - Julio Bashmore
Over And Over (Solid Groove remix) - Hot Chip
Dooms Night (Timo Maas remix) - Azzido Da Bass
I feel space (Lindstrom remix) - M.A.N.D.Y
Dragon (**** Robot Remix) - Dondolo
Hello? Is this thing on? (Rubntug remix) - !!!
Where's Your Head At (Stanton Warriors remix) - Basement Jaxx
We Want Your Soul - Freeland
Rabbit Heart 9PEST Rave Remix) - Florence and the Machine
It's You (Dan's EE remix) - Kolsche vs Der Alte
Yanja - Mugwump
Numbers - Booka Shade
Numb - I.Am.An.Exit
Deck the House - Akufen
Chord Memory (Daft Punk remix) - Ian Pooley
Found A Place - Tony Lionni
Groovy Feeling (Make Mine A 99) - Fluke
Don't Speak - John Dahlback
Fired Up - Funky Green Dogs
Chocolate City - Deep Dish
I thought it was you (Salt City Orchestra remix) - Sex o Sonic
Exterminate (Endzeit 7") - Snap
Bloodstream (Henrik Schwarz club mix) - Stateless
Crispy Bacon - Laurent Garnier
Believe (vocal mix) - Ministers De La Funk
At Night (Alan Braxe remix) - Shakedown
Am I Wrong - Etienne De Crecy
Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault remix) - Midnight Magic
Feelings for you (Les Rhythym Digitales remix) - Cassius
Deep Throat - Claude Vonstroke
Mouth (Brad Peep remix For Friends) - Iz
Positive Education (original mix)- Slam
I wanna dance with some numbers - Girls On Top
Power Lunch - Har Mar Superstar
I Built This City (Michael Mayer mix) - Baxendale
Tribulations (lindstrom remix) - LCD Soundsystem

Check out Volume 1 here and follow mixcloud.com/ivanvarian for more!

03 August 2014

Lazpod 27: The Lovepod

So I guess for a blog called Swooner there isn't much else on here but mostly dance music and the odd gif of Jean Claude Van Damme punching a snake. Until now! Damian Lazarus' latest Lazpod is 90 minutes of pretty amazing love songs, a mix he says he has been perfecting for over 10 years. Fair play to him, I am part robot but even I think this is pretty great. Loads of classics* but also a bunch of gorgeous songs I'd never heard before. I'm sending this across the interwaves to my friend Julie in Rome, it's her birthday today and she loves SONGS WITH WORDS. Tanti Auguri, Giuliana!

If you can't see the box above, click here.

I've posted a couple of other Lazpods check 'em here. Always learn so much listening to them; they are all so different and even within each episode there is so much going on. (They remind me a lot of the Django Django mixes in that way, a chance to listen to music not normally on my radar.) Go follow soundcloud.com/damianlazarus to check out the rest too!


* I even made it all the way through Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game', a song I can't usually bear. It was worth it! 

02 August 2014

Throne of Blood podcast 41: Kasper Bjørke

This is unreal, Throne Of Blood's latest podcast is by Kasper Bjørke and full of absolute whopper tunes. It even includes a version of Talaboman's 'Sideral' track I hadn't heard before, a Mark E remix and that last Ivan Smagghe version of Freaks is savage.  Insert Swoon Here.

If you can't see the above box, click here.

1: Deo & Z-Man: Universal Neighbours (SLG Remix)
2: The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra: Don't Cha Know He's Alright (Mark E Remix)
3: Genius Of Time: Juno Jam
4: Dj Kaos: Religious
5: Talaboman: Sideral (BCN Version)
6: Lake People: Night Drive
7: Flowers and Sea Creatures: Overworld
8: Kasper Bjørke: Sylvia (A/JUS/TED Remix)
9: Øyvind Morken: Fjerden Av Den Forste Bolgen
10: Richard Norris: Freaks (Ivan Smagghe Version)

DL available here. He has a new album out end of September, check out more info about that here.

I've posted a few other TOB podcasts, all deadly. Check 'em out here and follow soundcloud.com/throneofblood for more!


01 August 2014

Rocky IV Workout Mix by Matt Foley

"Are you guys STILL fucking talking about ROCKY IV?" This is a 22 minute Rocky IV inspired work-out mix. You don't have to work out to listen to it. But you do need to like Rocky IV. In yer face, Ivan Drago!