31 July 2014

New Vito & Druzzi EP out 'Moon Temple'

Vito & Druzzi (you may know them from such band as The Rapture) have a new EP called Moon Temple out on Throne Of Blood Records at the moment. Holy moly, it is banging! Both tracks are deadly but I can't stop listening to the B side -  'King Of The Jungle' - Get in!

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Buy the EP:

I've posted an amazing podcast these guys did for Throne Of Blood Records, check that out here.
And check out some other TOB podcasts I've put up here. All serious beats.


30 July 2014

Vacationland mix #22: Beach Week

Been waiting a little bit for this latest Vacationland mix. Coming regularly out of Brooklyn, this series has been a consistent pleasure. Always a great, happy mix with movie or tv quotes throughout and an eclectic selection of tracks new and old each episode. And usually one of my all time favourite tunes turns up - this time it's The Hasbeens' 'Make The World Go Away' - what an absolute tune. Downloadable too. Get in!

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1. Brenda Russell vs Souleance - A Little Bit Of Love (Souleance "C'est La Fête" ReEdit)
2. Spirit Catcher - Special Dimension
3. The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
4. Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific
5. Crystal Bats - Falling In Love (Louis La Roche Remix)
6. Tuuwa & Basement Love - Promise
7. WALKIE TALKIE - Don't Give Up
8. The Sugarhill Gang / Funky 4 + 1 - That's The Joint
9. 'Twell - Soul Deisre
10. Sare Havlicek - Too Far Ahead (feat. Mitja)
11. MAM - Crushed Ice
12. Sound Of Love - Give me more Funk
13. Sugar & Gold - Bodyaches
14. Estate + Liquid Pegasus - Tendency (SloSlyLove Remix)
15. Estate + Liquid Pegasus - Tuff Luv
16. Michael Jackson, Luxar and Benny & Gain - P.Y.T. (Benny & Gain Dub)
17. Loede - Could This Be Love (Edit)
18. Ben Browning - Feels Like (DAN.K Extended Edit)
19. La Unión - Lobo Hombre En Paris (Levantine Edit)
20. NTEIBINT - Feelings
21. Dynasty - Groove Control (Breixo Edit)
22. Jamie Antonelli - Don’t Hold Back (Original Mix)
23. Les Loups ft. Cybil - Colourblind (Original Mix)
24. Foster The People - Best Friend (Dim Sum Remix)
25. Rollergirl! - Boogie Down
26. Sound Of Love - Digital
27. Jacklahouse - I’ll Make You Mine
28. The Hasbeens - Make the World Go Away
29. Lenno - Show More Love (Lucky Stripes Remix)
30. Flamingosis - Rose Bowl (Rollergirl Bootleg)
31. Patrick Alavi Pres. Basstard Slayerz - Goldbass
32. Live Element - Something About You (Live Element Club Mix)
33. J Paul Getto - Rock The Place (WMC 2014 Version) - 8A

I've posted a load of this excellent series, check 'em out here - and follow soundcloud.com/vacation-land for more!


29 July 2014

Joy Orbison's Essential Mix July 2014

This was the Essential Mix on Saturday night just gone, only got round to checking it out now. It's a dark, slick winner. Lots of whopper tunes, and a bunch of white label mysteries. Third track in is one such unnamed tune - it's is an amazing remix of 'Thinkin' About Your Body' - a tune by Bobby Mc Ferrin*, - I just put the original tune on the playlist I made for the Hare Café last week so delighted to hear a new mix of it here! EDIT: it's this 'Thinking Bout Your Booty' by MarcAshken, thanks Michael for posting it in the comments: youtu.be/58p3UMf_was

To DL this mix click here (thanks to soundcloud.com/nickottrando). For the tracklist go here.

I posted another savage Joy Orbison mix a while back now, which he made just when he was starting his Hinge Finger label. Check that out here.

I've also put up a few other quality Essential mixes, check out Bonobo, Tensnake and Perseus & Jonas Rathsman's.


*Just a note about Bobby McFerrin if you aren't aware of his complete awesomeness. He has 10 grammys and did the theme tune for The Cosby Show, Season 4, not to mention all the orchestras he has conducted and operas he has written. Check out this video where he does some amazing teaching about expectations and also this video where he plays himself like the funky human theremin he is! What a legend. 

28 July 2014

New Compuphonic EP out today

Artwork by Rebecca Mock

Compuphonic has a new EP with 2 tracks, 'O Cypres' and 'Cinnamon Road' out on Exploited Records, currently soothing my post party weekend soul. You can listen to both tracks here, more links below.

Buy the EP here.

There are a lot of brilliant Compuphonic mixes on Swooner, check 'em out here.


24 July 2014

The Adventures of Soul Clap - Ibiza Sonica Radio Episodes 1 & 2

The Soul Clap boys have a radio show on Ibiza Sonica where they play new stuff on their label with Eli doing some mixing, and then some older stuff too, basically a bunch of very sweet jams, and even a BBQ jam especially for when you are grilling meat!  Excellent radio, 2 episodes. NICE!

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I've posted a few other things these guys have done, check 'em out here. And another Ibiza Sonica show, when Solomun was on it, check that here.


22 July 2014

Solé Fixtape #26 x Thump: Tensnake

Late to this party as per usual, but Tensnake's mix for Solé Bicycles x Thump is really great. Been listening loads to his album 'Glow' lately and it seems to me everything he does is pretty sweet! Also, any excuse to get out one of my favourite gifs ever, ol' JCVD punching a snake in the face.

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Kraftwerk - Tour De France (Francois K remix)
Fort Romeau - Jack Rollin'
Chicken Lips - He Not In
Lindström - Eg-ged-Osis (Todd Terje Extended Edit)
Kasper Bjørke: Rush feat. Tobias Buch (Brynjolfur Remix)
Telex - Moskow Diskow
Nancy Whang & Audiojack - Like An Eagle
Isaac Tichauer - Changes
Blende - Paramount
Aksel Friberg - To Be There With You feat Kicki Halmos (Disco Mix)
Erlend Øye - Ghost Trains (with Morgan Geist)
Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Tensnake remix)

If you want to DL this you just need to like Solé on Facebook.

I've posted a couple other Tensnake things, check 'em out here. I've also posted up a couple of other Solé Fixtapes from Breakbot, Gigamesh and Classixx; all deadly. Check those here. Plastic Plates also did a mix for Thump which I am particularly fond of, check that out here.


18 July 2014

The Hare Café @ IMMA 19.07.14

The Hare Café is back - for one day only! Tomorrow, Saturday 19th July, at the Irish Museum Of Modern Art in Kilmainham, as part of the Summer Rising Festival, they will be serving their amazing food from a purpose built tiki hut in the garden, sit down meals and take away boxes so call in if you are about! Like the last time they popped up, they asked me to put together some music for them.

They are open 12 - 5pm tomorrow so I made a 5 hour, kind of happy, kind of summery playlist with some of my favourite tunes (and some that we played in our Tropical Tiny Choons show) that you can check out if you are on Spotify:

You can check out the previous playlists I made for them here and click here or go follow twitter.com/TheHareCafe for more info about the IMMA event. NOM!


16 July 2014

Nightmares On Wax aka DJ Ease on Beats In Space

Had been revisiting my old Nightmares On Wax albums lately (as we played '70s 80s' on our hip-hop edition of Tiny Choons last month) - Odd to think I was such a huge fan when I was younger and only discovered recently that N.O.W is just one guy, DJ Ease. And lo and behold he was on Beats In Space last week. This is great.

1. Beatconductor - Boogie Love
2. Jukebox Champions - Anthem feat Biga Ranx & Soom T
3. Whiskey Barons - La Murga Skank
4. City Blues (Night Mix)
5. Charlie - Arrivederci
6. Guts - Fuck The Luxury Life
7. DJ Vadim - Lyrical Soldier ft Demolition Man
8. Syl Johnson - Don’t Do It (Scratchandsniff re-rub)
9. The SSO Orchestra - Faded Lady (Leftside Wobble Edit)
10. Jay-Ru - Something Wrong With Superman
11. Disconnection - Cash Money (Disco Tech Edit)
12. Weedyman - My Super Lover
13. Rayko - Broadway
14. Jukebox Champions - You Can Call Me Joe Joe
15. Nightmares On Wax - Now Is The Time
16. Nightmares On Wax - Da Feelin (Hungry Ghost Remix)
17. Gangstarr - Who’s Gonna Take The Dub
18. Fela Kuti - Egbe Mi O (Frank Booker Edit)
19. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Slow Fire
20. The Jones Girls - Knockin’ (Fingerman’s Slinky Beatdown)
21. Heavy Vibes - Appo retake

Check out this great short doc about him and how he got started, 25 years ago now! He seems like such a cool dude.

I've posted a few other Beats In Space shows - check out Coma, Mano Le Tough and Holy Ghost! here.


14 July 2014

Mark E: Live In The Forest on RBMA

Mark E lashing out the serious beats in this mix on Red Bull Radio. They appear to have spelled forest wrong, but don't let that put you off! Bangin tunes. Last one is a particularly sweet groove too.


Here is one of my favourite Mark E tunes while we are at it:

13 July 2014

Rocky's From The Forest Floor Mix

Accurate depiction of us in the forest.

Rocky has put together a deadly 2 hour mix with the tunes he played for Mother at the Reckless In Love stage at Body & Soul Festival recently. An arduous task: to try to recreate the forest vibes - but this mix goes some way to assuage my post-festival blues. Oh to be back there!

I was running around like a wildling that night so it's great to hear a few of the tunes again and listen to the ones I missed.  Check out the exclusive Swooner mix Rocky made here and go follow him at mixcloud.com/rocklord/ for loads more. Thanks for the vibes Rocky!

04 July 2014

Ivan Varian: 20 Years A Diggin' - Vol. 1

I was supposed to go to bed early last night but instead I stayed up very late listening to this 4 and a half hour epic dance journey from Dublin's Ivan Varian. And this is only Volume 1 of 3 celebrating his favourite tunes over the past 20 years. Some serious old school house beats within but also some newer vibes too in the mix. Get in!

Way too lazy to type out a tracklist with 41 titles on it, so here you go. Roll on Volume 2 !

Click here to DL

02 July 2014

Push Music Mixtapes

Only just discovered these Push Music mixtapes and I'm delighted I did; they are right up Swooner Avenue. Check out this one - a sweet 1 hour 45 minute vibe safari from Bill Push as he mixes his favourite tunes from the last couple of months. Brian Ferry and Talking Heads* but also Daniel Avery and Red Axes and the likes. Get in!

No tracklist but I'm going to put this picture of all his tags here to give you an idea:


*There is an edit of my favourite song in the world 'This Must Be The Place' - which I am usually very protective of and wouldn't have any truck with, but after doing our Tiny Choons radio show all about mash ups and covers I actually really liked it.