29 May 2014

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.11: Colin Perkins

Been quiet enough on Swooner lately, wasn't feeling much for any of the music I was checking out this week and then THIS arrived - thanks to Dublin DJ Colin Perkins. Brilliant vibes; on repeat. It's so good, even including some whopper Prince and some Pachanga Boys. And a load of other quality tunes! SO happy right now. Thanks Colin! 

To DL: bit.ly/TWyGEs

1. Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
2. 6th Borough Project - Walk Away (Ben La Desh Remix)
3. Abstraxion - Moon
4. Scott Fraser - Paraphrase Mine (Headman Rework)
5. Skatt Bros - Walk The Night
6. Pachanga Boys - Legs
7. Bottin - Sage Comme Une Image​
8. Charlie - Spacer Woman
9. Metro Area - Proton Candy
10. Prince - Erotic City
11. Secret Squirrels - #1 B
12. Alexander Robotnick - Undicidisco (Justin VanDerVolgen Edit)
13. Margot - Magico Disco

Colin is one half of Decent Perks - they are playing on Saturday at Electric Galway and Colin plays Forbidden Fruit on Sunday. Get involved! 


23 May 2014

Pleasure Machines: Corporate Funk mix

Forget the rain outside. Check out this very sweet Pleasure Machines mix - it is very damn funky with some lovely house thrown in.

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I've posted a bunch of PM's mixes, check 'em out here, they even made a mix especially for Swooner, check that out here. And go follow soundcloud.com/pleasuremachines and facebook.com/PleausreMachines for even more vibes!

20 May 2014

Tanlines: Live at Brooklyn Flea Record Fair

Jesse Cohen from Tanlines played this set at Brooklyn Flea Record Fair a couple of days ago for RBMA. Not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't a Madness tune followed by some serious hip-hop and dancehall and a couple of bangin' tunes thrown in at the end - all very slick!

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Not sure how well known Tanlines are this side of the Atlantic - if you don't know 'em you should check 'em out. They are from Brooklyn and produce very cool tunes. Check out the video for their song 'All Of Me' here and possibly my favourite song of theirs 'Real Life' here. (The whole album is called Mixed Emotions). For more info on the band go to truepanther.com/artists/tanlines.

Cohen also has a podcast where he talks to people from other bands, it's called No Effects, you can subscribe here. He seems really cool, check it out.


17 May 2014

Crowbar Method mix by DJ Louche

Check out this sweet mix by Nightflight's DJ Louche. He has distilled a typical 5 hour set from his regular Saturday night gig at Dublin's Crowbar into this succinct, happy mix to give us an idea of what to expect: a little bit of everything!

From the man himself: 'all mellow at the start and kicking on, packed with bar favourites. Mixed on the fly with CD and vinyl, it's a little rough around the edges, but the tunes are pretty solid IMHO. Enjoy!'

Indeed, enjoy, and head on down to Crowbar of a Saturday eve if you are out and about!
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Jacques Renault - Pianos On The Beach
Jay Shepheard - Climbing Faces
Deadbeats - I Can Break It Down
Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (FingermanEdit)
Indeep - The Record Keeps Spinning
Secret Squirrel - 3A
Alvez - Rappers Rework
Dave Gerrard- Pick Up The Pieces
Dr Dunks - Dunks Got The Answer
Shit Hot Soundsystem - Girls
Paris & Vanucci - Get Down On The Floor
Jack Fell Down-There For Me
Mark E - R'n'B Drunkie
Disclosure - Latch
Tony Lionni - Do you Believe


11 May 2014

Tiny Choons #4: Tropical Edition

Getting excited about our next Tiny Choons episode tomorrow (Monday May12th). If you missed the last one you can check it out here where Zonja and I played all things tropical, taking you through a dream day on a beach island paradise with tunes from all sorts and a couple of our favourite tracks. We were allowed go over time so it gets a bit weird and 90s towards the end, but just crack open another can of piña colada, ignore the deluge outside and go with it! 

Put The Lime In The Coconut - Harry Neilson
Kokomo - Orquesta Feat Jape & Katti Burke
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes - Paul Simon
Oh I Love You So - Preston Smith
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend
P.I.M.P - The Bacao Rythm & Steel Band
808 On The Beach - Fred Falke
Kelly Watch The Stars - Air
Take Me Over - Cut Copy
Bombay - El Guincho
Electric Feel - MGMT
Always - Panama (Classixx Remix)
Invisible Cities - Beat Connection
Sunburn Modern - Baio
No Romance - Tirzah
Swimming Pool - Marie Madeleine
Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools - D E N A
Somebody To Love Me - Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. Boy George and Miike Snow
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Tarzan Boy - Baltimora
Nighttiming - Coconut Records
Pass This On - The Knife
Sun - Caribou
Perseus - Seychelles
Flex - Pool (Aeroplane Remix)
Dancing Anymore - Is Tropical (Weekend Wolves Remix)
Sound of Violence - Cassius (Aeroplane Remix)
Touch Me - Rui Da Silva
Waterfall - Atlantic Ocean
Mystery Song!

Check out the other Tiny Choons shows here and go like facebook.com/tinychoons too!
Our next show will be about covers and mash ups and on www.radiomade.ie this Monday at 6pm.

08 May 2014

Villa and Monsieur Moustache: Erotic City Mix Vol.3

Been over a year but the latest Erotic City Mix by Villa and Monsieur Moustache is here. It's real slow and heavy, and full of a really great mix of really different tracks that work really well together. Erotic City indeed. Downloadable too! Nice.

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1. Peanut Butter
2. So Lonely
3. The Magician
4. Us
5. Sex Me
6. Belle De Jour
7. Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her
8. For The Sake Of Love
9. Through The Rabbit Hole
10. Links
11. Looking For Love
12. Disco Drummer
13. D.O.A.H.
14. Walk The Night
15. Cambodia
16. Lady Shave
17. Fever
18. I Come, You Go
19. One By One
20. Top Machin
21. Cockroach
22. Veronica’s Veil
23. Happy Sunday
24. Paper Trails

I've posted volume 2 here, and check out soundcloud.com/villamakesmusic for more.


01 May 2014

Fingerman @ Rojo, Jersey 25/4/14

A very excellent disco and funk mix with a bunch of sweet edits throughout. Downloadable too. Very sweet. Too many stone cold jams to start naming them!
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