30 September 2013

Rayko's Epic Slowmotion Dirty Dancing Mixtape

Nurofen Plus vibes.

A lovely chilled disco set from Rayko to cure what might or may not ail you after the weekend.
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I've posted other Rayko mixes, check 'em out here. And go to soundcloud.com/mrkrokett for more mixes and edits.

25 September 2013

Jagwar Ma 'Come Save Me' (Flight Facilities Graceland remix)

Me, whenever I hear there's some new Flight Fac out..

Flight Facilities' Paul Simon-esque remix of Jagwar Ma's track 'Come Save Me' is pretty sweet:

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Here are a few of their free DLs in case you missed 'em:

Check out all their awesome decade mixes from last year here.

23 September 2013

Francesco Tristano live at Sun Burn Party Porto Sant'Elpidio August 2013

Francesco Tristano, musical genius. Always wish there was video with these live sets. This is 2 hours of whopper, live, sometimes minimal, sometimes experimental, sometimes banging, mostly piano-based beats. Gorgeous. Particularly around the midway mark when The Melody comes in.
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I've posted about Tristano before, here is a quality set that he did at Robot Festival and here is a bunch of stuff from the band Aufgang, of which he is a member. Swoon.


20 September 2013

Kool & Kabul - In Between Seasons mix

Late in getting around to listening to this one, but I'm glad I finally did! Quality house tunes and some pretty feel good vibes throughout. Thanks to my friend Martina* who got me onto these guys. Quality.
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I've posted a couple of their previous, also awesome, mixes, check 'em out here and here.


*She also got me onto Compuphonic many moons ago, what a dream bag. 

18 September 2013

Cosmic Kids: Step mix by Cosmic Dan and Roller Radio

Any mix that starts with a bit of Phil Collins is alright with me. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. This is a quality, all funkin' all vinyl mix from Roller Radio and Dan from Cosmic Kids for their disco night 'Step' in San Diego. Some quality tracks and edits in there. Love the track around the 122 min mark.
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I've posted a bunch of Cosmic Kids mixes before, although they are always getting removed from Soundcloud. This one has a free DL though so get it while it's hot. Check out these ones that are still up though, their Live at Fabric mix and their Throne Of Blood podcast. Both quality.


17 September 2013

Swooner Movie Nights: Dave Chapelle's Block Party

Last month, at the third Swooner movie night, in association with Portobello Picturehouse, we screened Dave Chapelle's Block Party. Back in 2006 Chapelle organised a massive, free, hip-hop party in Brooklyn and got everyone ever to perform at it - Kanye, Mos Def, The Roots, Erykah, Dead Prez, Common and a load of others too. Directed by Michel Gondry and put together really well, it not only has amazing musical performances but also hilarious segments with Chapelle telling jokes and just generally being amazing. If you haven't seen it I'd highly recommend it, and lucky for you it is being screened in the Lighthouse Cinema as part of their music documentary series on Saturday 5th October. You can get tickets here.

It is also all on Youtube you can check it out below if you don't like going outside or other humans.

To check out the previous Swooner movies, click here. If you are based in Dublin and are interested in coming to future Swooner movie nights, go like Swooner on Facebook or leave an email address in the comments below!

16 September 2013

Stream Claude VonStroke's new album 'Urban Animal'

You can stream Claude Von Stroke's new album 'Urban Animal' on NPR now. It's suitably filthy with some gorgeous tracks in there too. The album is out on September 24th. Love the artwork too, can't seem to see who it's by anywhere.


Chromeo's new track 'Over Your Shoulder' (free download)

Check out the full version of Chromeo's track 'Over Your Shoulder' from their upcoming album 'White Women' - including free download. Nice! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.
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13 September 2013

Adriatique - Mixmag In Session

Another stellar mix from Adriatique on the Diynamic label. Can't go wrong, some very slick, sophisticated and sometimes dark beats. Gorgeous.

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I've posted a bunch of quality Adriatique mixes before, check 'em out here. Also check out this other Mixmag mix by David August also on the Diynamic label, it's rad.


Pleasure Machines mix for Fm Brussels

Another sweet mix from Pleasure Machines. It should appeal to anyone who likes the Moshigogo mixes I feature regularly on here. Happy upbeat tunes, with some sweet R'n'B vibes thrown in and getting pretty housey toward the end. Nice!

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01. Janet Jackson - if (Kaytranada remix)
02. DSF - I don't want
03. Le Youth - Cool
04. Dragon Suplex - First kiss
05. Thomas Jackson - Lucy Called
06. Escort - Barbarians (Tiger and Woods remix)
07. Jay West - Got me insane (Monte remix)
08. Blonde - It's you
09. Mercury - Sweetness
10. Tensnake - Something about you
11. PY - Polyeters (Jimmy Edgar remix)
12. Chris Bruns - IYE
13. Fishing Vest - Just for tonight (Bronx remix)

I've posted some other sweet Pleasure Machines mixes check 'em out here. Also, if you like that whole R'n'B vibe, check out this mix by Moshigogo and this one by Chewy.


09 September 2013

New from The Avalanches: Hunters & Collectors - Talking To A Stranger (Avalanches rework)

New Avalanches! Holy crap, this is whopper. Please let there be an album soon!!

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Moshigogo's September 2013 mix

Another Moshigogo mix, always a pleasure. Lots of dreamy beats and even some sweet R'n'B, and nothing too heavy. A couple of whopper tracks near the end too, you can't beat a bit of MJ's P.Y.T. Loving his work, as per usual!

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Tracklist to follow. I've posted a bunch of Moshigogo mixes, check 'em out here and go follow soundcloud.com/moshigogo for more!

08 September 2013

Vacationland mix #17: Bodega Fantasy

Another deadly mix from Vacationland. These mixes are always different and interesting, but still really fun to listen to, which is an important distinction. Soundbites and pretty varied tunes throughout. This one is pretty chilled, nu disco-ey, with dreamy vibes, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Always dig their artwork too.

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Tracklist to follow.

I've posted the last few of this series, check 'em out here. And go follow soundcloud.com/vacation-land and facebook.com/thezenzone.org for more.

06 September 2013

Daniel Avery on Rinse fm with Simian Mobile Disco 26.08.13

Don't worry, I checked, it actually IS Friday.

Another whopper Daniel Avery show on Rinse FM. First part is Daniel, the second is a guest mix from Simian Mobile Disco. Savage tunes!! Avery's new album 'Drone Logic' is due out at the beginning of October, looking forward to it.

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Experimental Audio Research - D.M.T Symphony [Sympathy For The Record Industry]
Dauwd - Silverse [Pictures]
Fort Romeau - Jetee [Ghostly International]
Dave DK - Palmaille [Kompakt]
Neville Watson - Against The Tide (Marquis Hawkes Remix) [Creme Organization]
L/F/D/M - Abacus [Optimo Trax]
Tin Man - Stay Down [Pomelo]
Josef K + Winter Son - The Sun, The Moon, The Truth [unsigned]
Kolsch - Basshund [Kompakt]
Ricardo Tobar - If I Love You [Desire]v >John Tejada - Bode's Law [Anaphora]
Chmara Winter - Pushcan (Danny Daze Dust Mix) [Pets Recordings]
Markus Gibb - Broken [Clouded Vision]

Simian Mobile Disco guest mix (starts at 1hr 10mins)

Unknown SMD track to be released
Aquarian Foundation - Mystery Track
Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines (Kyle Hall Remix)
Paranoid London - Paris Dub
Soundstream - Live Goes On
Debbie's Groove (Robert Hood Remix)
Redshape - Disco Marauder
Doublet - Tee's 5
Index - Parallel 9
Bruce Trail - Beatrice
Mathew Jonson - Level 7

I've posted a couple of other quality Daniel Avery shows, check 'em out here and follow him at the links below.


05 September 2013

Mitzi: Triple J Mix Up Exclusives Week 1 & 2

Mitzi is a band on the Australian label Future Classic and did a Triple J residency back in February. It must have been pretty daunting doing that gig following in Flight Facilities' footsteps after their outstanding series. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you must be new to the blog. Welcome! And click here.) But, these 2 mixes are really excellent, check 'em out:

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Jagwar Ma – The Throw
Jinja Safari – Toothless Grin (Mitzi Remix)
Deep&Disco – Get Down Baby (Deep&Disco Edit)
Only Children – Down Fever)
Kevin McPhee– I Wish
Aeroplane Feat. Jamie Principle – In Her Eyes (Tiger & Woods Remix)
Nelue – I’ve Got My Mind On You (Nelue Edit)
Kindness – Gee Up (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)
Hiem feat Roots Manuva– DJ Culture (Pete Herbert Remix)
Treasure Fingers – Rooftop Revival (Bit Funk Remix)
Mitzi – Truly Alive
Last Magpie – (Who Knows) Where Love Goes
Thomas Gandey & Maxxi Soundsystem– Shake Your Head
Tame Impala– Be Above It

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Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz
Undisputed Truth – Sandman (Tim Zawada Edit)
Ooft – Make You Mine
Joey Negro & The Sunshine Band feat. Darien – Where The Light Meets The Music (Atjazz Syncopated Dub)
Erdbeerschnitzel – Same Same
Mitzi – Like It Was (Edit)
Ditongo – Gattone
Mario & Vidis feat Ernesto – Care (Darius Vaikas Remix)
Paolo Rocco – Move Body, Move Forward
How To Dress Well – & It Was You (Combo ReEdit)
Disclosure – What’s In Your Head
Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Mitzi Remix)
Frank Ocean feat. Earl Sweatshirt – Super Rich Kids

I've posted some Mitzi mixes previously, check 'em out here.


03 September 2013

LeBron: Mixtape for Breakbot #3

LeBron has made another mixtape to celebrate having 3000 followers on Soundcloud. It's pretty sweet as per usual. Tonnes of disco, funk and soul vibes. Swoon.

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Tracklist to follow. It has about a million quality disco tracks on it.

I've posted a few other awesome LeBron mixes, check 'em out here and follow soundcloud.com/samroney for more.