29 July 2012

Pretty Boy Makes Rave mix

Came across this mix randomly and I stopped to listen because I saw it had a remix of Midas Touch by Midnight Star on it, the original of which is one of my favourite songs ever. The mix is 35 minutes of disco pop perfection. Top name too, Pretty Boy Makes Rave.

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01 Feist - Bittersweet Melodies (Christian Strobe Remix)
02 The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love (Poolside Remix)
03 Newtimers - January Love (OH YEAH's Crush Boogie Remix)
04 Sunner Soul - Dancing To The Music
05 Gossip - Move In The Right Direction (Classixx Remix)
06 Kindness - Gee Up (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
07 Moonlight Matters - Come For Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)
08 Bit Funk - It Ain't Easy
09 Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Marius & Cesar 303 Remix)
10 El Txef A - Broken Bridges
11 Ryan Davis - Where The Right Things Are
12 Dems - Down On You (Hannes Fischer Remix)

Check out his other mixes at http://soundcloud.com/pbmr

If on the unfortunate off chance you haven't seen the original video for Midnight Star's Midas Touch, you need it in your eye brains right now:

28 July 2012

John Talabot's RBMA Headphone Highlights show

Here is John Talabot talking about and playing some of his favourite records for an hour. Basically my dream radio show:

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If you haven't already checked out John Talabot's soundcloud page, you are in for a treat.

25 July 2012

Aziz Ansari on R.Kelly, Kanye

You can get Ansari's latest stand up "Dangerously Delicious" directly from his website azizansari.com/ for $5. It's great. Get it.

Latest Throne of Blood podcast: Geoffroy/Mugwump

Some pretty cosmic* beats from the latest Throne of Blood podcast; this one is from Geoffroy/ Mugwump. There are a couple of amazing tunes in there. Click here for a download link.

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01. Walls "Into our midst" Esperenza mix (Kompakt)
02. The Asphodells "A Love From Outer Space" (Bird Scarer)
03. Mugwump/Andrew Weatherall "Untitled"
04. Disco Vigilantes "Robotalk" (Whiskey Pickle)
05. Rodion & Mamarella "Majenta" (Slow Motion)
06. Sir Ouakam "Saudisco" Simon Goldshlager remix (Days Of Being Wild)
07. Patrice Baümel secret edits (Ewan Pearson/Patrice Baümel)
08. Schaltkreis Wasserman "Go-go Dancer" (I-Robots)
09. Pirupa "Party Non Stop" (Defected)
10. LHAS "A Feeling" IAFL remix (Eskimo)
11. Markus Enochson "Boy" (Machinists)
12. Adam Marshall "Basstracking" (New Kanada)
13. Cowboy Rhythm Box "Shake" (Comémé)
14. Matthew Jonson & Exercise One "Lost Forever in a Happy Crowd" (Exone)
15. Benny Rodriguez "It's a Spiritual Thing" Patrice Chardronnet remix (Suara)
16. Max 404 "Shapeshifters" Russ Gabriel remix (Eevolute)

*By cosmic I mean starts out cosmic, gets pretty darn filthy. In a good way.

Check out the previous Throne of Blood podcasts at soundcloud.com/throneofblood. Looking forward to the next one.


24 July 2012

Compuphonic/John Talabot mixes - 10 Days Off

Compuphonic and John Talabot mixes from 10 Days Off in Ghent last week. Double swoon: 

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The other mixes at soundcloud.com/10-days-off should also keep me going for a few days.

22 July 2012

Messy mix no. 5

Another Messy mix, can't go wrong:

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1. Bwana - Baby, Let me finish (Karma Kid remix)
2. Disclosure - Blue You
3. Groove Theory - Tell Me (George FitzGerald remix)
4. Henry Krinkle - Stay
5. Sly-One - Love Like This
6. B-Ju - Cry Wolf (123Mrk remix)
7. Kastle & iO - Only You
8. Hardy - Forgive Me
9. Debian Blak - Hawkes and Spies ft Neo Joshua (Real remix)
10. Pasteman - So High
11. Toyboy & Robin - To The Top
12. Hot Chip - Night & Day (Dusky remix)
13. AppleBottom - All Nite
14. Shadow Child - So High
15. Crystal Fighters - At Home (Disclosure remix)
16. Frankie Bingo - Chain of Fools
17. Luvian - My Life
18. Carling Ruse - Be There
19. Cassie - Me & U (VILLAGE Bootleg Remix)

Check out the other mixes on soundcloud.com/etonmessy, and his you tube channel Beauty and the Beats is also definitely worth a look. And not just because of the pretty girls.

Breakbot's opening set for Chromeo

Breakbot moonlights as a disco exorcist. OBVIOUSLY. 

Thank you, internet. Breakbot opened for Chromeo last year. He played a load of sweet funky disco, then lashed out a load of Chromeo and Daft Punk before the Chromeo gig. Genius. Other sets from Breakbot here and Chromeo here. Get in, comma, down:

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21 July 2012

Four Tet on Rinse FM - Hessle Audio

Pearson Sound back to back with Four Tet on Rinse FM last Thursday. I saw Four Tet in France a couple of weeks ago and he played an extraordinarily jazzy set, I was quite upset. I figured they wouldn't have much truck with that on Rinse, and I was right. No jazz, just beats. Quite a lot of beats, actually. Go here to listen/ download:



20 July 2012

Lil'Dave & The Drifter: Body and Soul set

Staying in never felt so good. 

This is Lil'Dave and The Drifter's mix from the Saturday at Body and Soul. An amazing set, delighted I got to hear it live, even more delighted they had the foresight to record it and I get to listen again.

I've put the set in my dropbox, click here for a download link.

Like that's not good enough, one of the tunes that is coming up as unknown above is a remix of Metronomy's 'She Wants' - Mark played it and it was one of my highlights of the whole festival. It's an unbelievable tune. I emailed him about it and you can get a FREE download of it here. Get in: 

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18 July 2012

Kenny Hanlon's Do Not Tape Over Podcast

Heard this mix from Dublin label Apartment Record's Kenny Hanlon on Do Not Tape Over Podcast. A bunch of sweet house, it also caught my ears as it has one of my favourite tunes of all time on it, Oni Ayhun's OAR003Quality, click here to listen. 

NCW - Pharoah and the Goose A 
Tr One - Drum Dance (Juju & Jordash Dub Dance) 
Juju & Jordash - Tatoo's Island 
Ron Trent - Intoxicate 
John Daly - Mesa 
Andreas Reihse - L.A. Part IV - Hacienda Dallesandro 
NCW - Panther 
Common Factor - North Nights 
Boo Williams - Devil Muzic 
Rick Wade - Fade Away 
Dijkhuis - Salt Caramel 
Matt Whitehead - Tuff City 
Nexus 6 - Take Me Higher 
Azari & 111 - Reckless 
Tr One - Living in, now 
The Housefactors - Play It Loud 
Tr One - Love Letter 
Jitterbug - Nomads 
Aroy Dee - Mr Floyd 
Oni Ayhun - OAR003 
Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi - Grown 
NCW - Pharoah and the Goose AA

Do Not Tape Over Podcast on Facebook

17 July 2012

DJ AFS - Summer Vibes Disco mix

Sweet summer disco and house tunes from DJ AFS. Tunes from Swooner favourites Perseus, Flight Facilities, Cosmonauts and John Talabot, remixes from Drop Out Orchestra and Gigamesh. You can't go wrong. Check out DJ AFS blog Discobits too. 

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1. Stars on 33 - Luv
2. Perseus - Seychelles
3. Ralph Myers (Supremes/Temptations/Diana Ross) - Something New 

4. Maxwell -Sumthin' Sumthin'  (Laberge's Groove Edit) 

5. Flight Facilities ft. Grosvenor - With You (Mam Remix) 

6. Alexander Holland - City Full of Lights (Gigamesh Remix)

7. Cyclist - Prime Cut (JNL remix) 

8. Nine Lives ft. Jaki Graham - 1985 (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) 

9. Little Boots - Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub) 

10. Casual Encounters & Honom - Giovanni's Way (In2Deep Remix) 

11. Manuel Sahagun - Tomorrow (Phunktasik Remix) 

12. Cosmonauts - Circle Eyes (Cosmonauts Summer Version) 

13. Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) 

14. Situation- Barcelona (Psychemagik Remix) 

15. Niki and the Dove - Mother Project (Goldroom Remix) 

16. John Talabot - When The Past Was Present

12 July 2012

Latest Mitzi Mix

Latest Mitzi mix - it's quality. Check out the last one posted here, or their soundcloud page.

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11 July 2012

Yelle Summer mix

This just about sums up my brain right now.

Sweet mix from Yelle DJs with the awesome Daddy's Jam by Solomun in it twice, no less. And the last tune by Kindness is particularly amazing:
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1. Zebra Katz - Ima Read (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx)
2. Solomun - Daddy's Jam
3. Sepehr - Apple Bottoms
(#2 again)
4. Hot Chip - Night and Day
5. MAM - Modern Heat
‪6. Theophilus London - Last Name London (Brodinski Remix)‬
7. Bag Raiders - Snake Charmer
8. Slagsmalsklubben - Jake Blood (Tony Senghore Remix)
‪9. Sinjin Hawke - Crystal Dust‬
10. Para One - Every Little Thing
11. Kindness - SEOD (Zdar Dub Mix)

Check out Yelle's other mixes on soundcloud here.

10 July 2012

Juan MacLean mix

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes:

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Son Of Raw - A Black Man In Space (Objektivity) 
Joris Voorn - Incident (Miyagi) (Rejected) 
Christian Burkhardt - Heart & Mind (Cocoon) 
Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Set Me Free (Freerange) 
Detroit Swindle - The Wrap Around (Saints & Sonnets) 
Mark Fanciulli - Sacrifice (Saved Records) 
Maya Jane Coles - Parallel Worlds (Hype) 
Maceo Plex - Sex Appeal (Crosstown Rebels) 
Chris James - Nothing Else Matters (Off Records) 
Maher Daniel/ Michael Gracioppo - Who Knows Who (8Bit) 

UBQ Project - When I Fell N Love (Logic)

09 July 2012

The Revenge: Wolfstock mix

While checking out more of Throne of Blood's stuff I came across this mix by The Revenge; Clouded Vision is on the Throne of Blood label. It makes me happy, which is good as I had to take a Ryanair flight today, which made me sad. Check it out, as well as The Revenge's soundcloud page.

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Clouded Vision - City Thunder 
6th Borough Project - Without You 
Klic & Lokiboy - Slow Down (Ethyl Remix) 
Chymera - The Chase 
Luvless - Motion Clapture 
Cronk Family Enterprises - Put It On (Space Dub) 
Rondenion - Song A 
David Oliver - When The Thrill Comes (Homicide McBride Edit) 
The Revenge - It's Your Hangover 
Trujillo - Acapulco Gold (Ron Basejam Remix) 
Prins Thomas - Stockholm Express 
John Spring - Drummachines (Mike Huckaby Remix) 
Dujin & Douglas - Klap Voor Je Backingvocals (Anton Zap Remix) 
Reagenz feat Fred P - Keep Building 
Alex Jones - Higher Level (Mr Fingers Chicago Jackin' Remix) 
Flight Facilities - With You (MAM Remix) 
Actress - Purrple Splazsh

01 July 2012

Latest Compuphonic mix - June

Latest Compuphonic mix - always a winner:

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Compuphonic - Sunset (Feat. Marques Toliver) 
Sailor & I - Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix) 
Habischman & Plus Me - Time To Fall 
Millok & Zigelli - Feel Me (Mario Basanov Remix) 
Hot Since 82 - Let It Ride (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) 
Adana Twins - Strange 
Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Good Guy & Mikesh Filburt Remix) 
Session Victim - Cow Palace 
I Cube - In Alpha 
Compuphonic & Kolombo - Artifice 
Bruce Springsteen - State Trooper (Trentemoller Mix) 
Bill Withers -Lovely Day (Parish Unreleased Edit) 
Compuphonic & Kolombo - Golden Lips 
Petula Clark - Cut Copy Me (Compuphonic Remix) 
+ Bonus Rough Track : Terranova - Paris is for lovers

Check out a couple of his other mixes here and here and his soundcloud page too. 

DFA radiomix 19: Joe Goddard

Came across this mix by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip fame, it's pretty sweet, good for dancing feet on a sunny Sunday:

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Life Is Something Special (Acapella) - NYC Peech Boys 
Pata Pata - Matias Aguayo feat. Lerato 
Thru the Skies (Beats) - Kenlou 
Together Forever - Exodus (Acapella) 
Jungle Jazz - Cajmere 
Getting Me Down - Blawan 
Gabriel (Dub) - Joe Goddard 
Heres Your Trance Now Dance - Omar S 
Down! - Kyle Hall 
Pretty Baby- Sister Sledge (Bootleg) 
Love and Happiness - Voyage Direct 
Man or Mistress - Levon Vincent 
I Got That Feeling - Dreamer G 
The Freak Inside - Chicago Housing Authority 
Dirty Love - Linkwood w/Gabriel Acapella 
Chicano (Danny Krivit Edit) - Black Blood 
Sicko Cell 
Check Out 5 - Naif Orchestra