06 May 2015

Kiwi Live at The Nest: 4 hour disco set

Artwork by the excellent Fuschia MacAree

This is one of the best disco sets I've ever heard. And considering the company I keep, that's saying something. Gets super 80s and funky and disco space lasery, especially in the last hour. SO good. I am sure that was a quality night in The Nest. It's  over a year old, but if you haven't heard it, check it out. Making that wintery day fly. 

I've been listening to lots of Kiwi since my Tiny Choons co-host played his amazing tune 'The Guanako Haka' (below) on our last show. Check it out here. It's SO good. And not in any way disco, so the 4 hour set above was very unexpected in his soundcloud feed. Although I did just look up his Facebook page and under 'genre' it says 'fuck genres' - which may explain it. I love anyone who can lash out the beats but also seriously appreciate the disco vibe!


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