26 May 2015

3 Day Love Hangover : A Swooner Spotify Playlist

Amazing Dublin street art by Maser

I told my friend Fink if the marriage equality referendum passed I would make a playlist of serious love vibes. It passed with flying colours, the country went wild, and 3 days later I am sure there are still love hangovers all round. Hurrah! It took me a while but finally here is a collection (5 hours worth) of my favourite happy love tunes. Mostly funk and disco along with a few personal faves. (And a lot of Chromeo and Delegation tracks, naturally.) Despite being part robot, I was actually a bit emotional putting the list together, after such an amazing weekend and some serious memory evoking vibes in there. SO proud to be Irish, well done to everyone who was involved in the campaign and everyone who voted YES. Do not press shuffle. Do not pass go. One love. xxx


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