26 April 2015

Topomonti Mix 07

I love when sometimes people send me their mixes and they turn out to be exactly what I wanted to listen to at that moment. Topomonti sent this with a note saying it is cosmic disco and island house and I might like it. Right you are Topomonti, right you are!

1 Ode to an African Violet (Homewood: Plantasia) - Mort Garson Bibliotheque Exotique Vol. 2: Jungle-Safari-Wildlife
2 Radio Pirata (Cosmic Metal Mother Mix) Baba Zula
3 Nibiru (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix) - Chateau Marmont
4 New Man In The Man - Rabo & Snob - Black Lace Vol 6 - Los Grandes
5 Aneugalam - KZA - Dig And Edit - Endless Flight
6 On Her Knees (Ouverture) - Yan Wagner - Forty Eight Hours
7 Fantasia - Kink
8 Kookaburra - Coober Pedy University Band
9 Happy Sunday - DJ Nori (Maurice_Fulton_Mix)
10 PolyfonikDizko - Mutant Beat Dance - Rush Hour Recordings
11 Tjukkas pa karussel - Prins Thomas
12 It looks like love ('89) - Vincent Montana
13 I Travel To You (Original) - Bepu N'Gali

You can probably tell I like all sorts of cosmic vibes - check out these other mixes if you liked this:

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And go follow soundcloud.com/topomonti for more.

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