02 April 2015

Another Far Away Guest Mix: Pat Mahoney

One of my current favourite musical crushes is Museum Of Love*. You can check out some of their stuff here if you haven't already. Here is a mix their head dreamboat Pat Mahoney made for the first episode of Far Away Radio with Cooper Saver. Lots of tribal beats heading into some more housey stuff, including one of my faves, that 'Love, Love, Love' tune by Those Guys. LOVE.

I've posted a couple of other Pat Mahoney mixes before, check 'em out here and here.

Far Away Records is an LA based label - I've posted another one of their guest mixes by Swooner favourite and Cosmic Kid, Daniel T, check that out here.

*I sent Museum Of Love a Valentine's card because I love them so much. They sent me a postcard that plays music in return!! They are the best band ever!


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