19 March 2015

The J File: The Avalanches

I was well aware of Australia's radio station Triple J - but didn't know there is a digital station called Double J that has a weekly show called the J files that explores different records and bands. This episode with Tim Shiels looks back at the amazing Australian band The Avalanches -  playing their one and only album from 2000 'Since I Left You' in full - the show starts with some of their early EP tracks, includes stories behind some of the album tracks and samples and interviews with some of the band members. Also includes a rare B side of Frontier Psychiatrist I hadn't heard before, and the story behind that track and the song it samples. Quality radio show about an album which still sounds deadly 15 years later.

10 days left to listen:

It ends with a promising clip of an interview with Danny Brown where there is talk of a new album, (although I'm not going to hold my breath!) and the amazing remix of the Hunters & Collectors track they did about a year or so ago, but it doesn't play all of it, you can check it out here.

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