23 March 2015

Paramida on Beats In Space

I posted an amazing podcast Paramida did for Throne Of Blood recently, and went to look up more of her stuff. Et voila. Swoon, swoon, swoon.

1. Street Corner Symphony - Street Corner Symphony - Open
2. Fantastic Man - Fountain Gate - Love On The Rocks (unreleased)
3. Fantastic Man - St. Elmo’s Theme - Love On The Rocks (unreleased)
4. Museums ft Zombies In Miami - Calo - Love On the Rocks (unreleased)
5. Tiedye - The Road Less Travelled (SONNS Remix) - Gomma
6. Split Secs - Tele Tone - Maybe Tomorrow (unreleased)
7. Christopher Rau - Weird Alps - Smallville
8. Esa - Sabela De Cuba (Afro Synth Remix) - Highlife World Series Cuba
9. Omer - Spring - Cocktail d’Amore (unreleased)
10. Jose Padilla - Day One (Telephones Club Dub) - International Feel

Check out that TOB podcast here if you haven't already.
I've posted a few other deadly Beats In Space mixes check em out here.


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