11 March 2015

James Fox - Quintessentials Podcast

This is a soul, funk and hip hop journey - feel good vibes going somewhat to counteract this horrible morning! I've posted a few James Fox mixes on Swooner before but I just went to look for them and they've all been taken down unfortunately. But trust me, he is an excellent mixsmith. This has a DL link too.  Looking forward to checking out more of the Quintessentials podcasts.

1. D Train 'Keep On'
2. World Premiere 'Share The night'
3. Fatback Band 'I Found Lovin'
4. Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown 'Your Life'
5. Sparque 'Let's Go Dancin'
6. Bomp 'Disco Power'
7. Allen Toussaint 'We The People'
8. De La Soul 'Stakes Is High'
9. Common 'The Light'
10. Tribe Called Quest 'The Love'
11. Slum Village 'Climax (girl shit)'
12. Cuthead 'Everlasting Sunday'
13. Nu Sound Express, Ltd 'One More Time, You All'
14. Sensations Fix 'Fortune Teller (coda)'
15. Deniece Williams 'Free'
16. Staple Singers 'Do It Again'


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