19 January 2015

The Boogie Cartel: The Leisure Centre Mix Vol. 09

NOTE: I posted this up last week and it subsequently went missing from Soundcloud - but the lovely people at The Leisure Centre told me it was on Mixcloud too - so here it is again for your listening pleasure!

Just came across The Leisure Centre mix series - not too sure what it's all about but it seems to involve 80s aerobics and synths and dancing, so naturally I was curious. And then I saw Swooner faves The Boogie Cartel have contributed so I became extremely interested. Quality 80s beats, funk and disco, including a sweet edit of one of my favourite 80s vibes, 'No Favors' by Temper. Looking forward to checking out the other mixes in the series.

Romel Westwood - Through With You
Janette Renee - I'm Gonna Be Your Lover
H & D - I'll Take You
Barbara Roy - Gotta See You Tonight
Lemuria - Thunder in Your love
Sha-Lor - I'm in Love
No Favors - Butcher edit
Arnold - Take Some Time
J Slyck - Talk To Me
Veronica - So In Love
Shelve - This World
Michael Baker - Don't You Want My Lovin'

I've posted a couple of other amazing Boogie Cartel mixes check 'em out here. If you haven't checked out The Boogie Cartel on soundcloud yet you are missing out. There also might be a Swooner mix from them on the way!

Speaking of 80s aerobics vibes, check out this amazing tune and video by Starcadian - set in a dystopian past or possibly future where contestants must dance ... or die!!


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