09 December 2014

Throne Of Blood podcast 47: Vito & Druzzi

Amazing - the latest and last Throne of Blood podcast of the year comes from Swooner faves Vito & Druzzi - and is absolutely whopper. Serious beats and some beautiful, albeit somewhat banging tracks, throughout!

Vito & Druzzi used to be in The Rapture and now make absolutely banging tunes and savage mixes. They did an earlier TOB podcast which is also awesome and you can check out here. Check out some of their tunes here - and one of my favourite tunes of this year was this one by Baby Alpaca, remixed by Druzzi.

Go follow at soundcloud.com/vitodruzzi and twitter.com/VitoDruzzi.

I've also posted a bunch of amazing Throne of Blood podcasts check them out here and follow soundcloud.com/throneofblood for more. SWOON.

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