14 November 2014

Swooner Movie Nights: Discopathe

Been a while since there's been a Swooner movie! When my friend Louis at Discotekken told me he was starting a film night I knew I had to get involved and get him to show Discopath. Why, it's a horror movie about a guy who gets an uncontrollable urge to kill whenever he hears disco music, of course! Showing on Saturday 22nd November at The Generator Hostel in Smithfield - they have a very cool underground screening room, and there'll be a live funk band called Bunk on after. There'll also be lashings and lashings of Teelings Whiskey and screen printing if you are so inclined. It's pretty much my dream night! Disco dress up encouraged but not mandatory. Hope you can make it!

Check out the trailer:

Tickets are €10 and you can get them here.
Join the FB event here. Go like Discotekken here.

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