03 October 2014

New Jackson: The Ransom Note mix

Well, this is quality. New Jackson for the excellent music site The Ransom Note. Dreamy, proper mix tape action, all sorts of everything in there, all getting on great. With possibly the best title of an intro I've seen yet. Happy Friday!

0. (Carl Craig opening and closing his car door)
1. The Parliaments 'I Can Feel The Ice Melting' (Revolt)
2. Fern Kinney 'Ready For Your Love' (Malaco)
3. The Chill Factor 'Keep On Trying' (Olympus)
4. Knight Action 'Single Girl' (Club) (Clone Classic)
5. Tevo Howard 'Energia' (Boogiedisco mix) (Beautiful Granville)
6. Jason Grove 'Streets' (Wax Classic)
7. Patrice Scott 'Orbital Bliss' (Sistrum)
8. Galcher Lustwerk 'Put On' (White Materials)
9. Pollyn 'Sometimes You Just Know' (Moodymann remix) (MMG)
10. Leisure Connection 'Jungle Dancing' (No Label)
11. X-Ray 'Let's Go' (A mix) (Transmat)
12. Tr-One 'Living In Now' (Pogo)
13. MCDE 'Monorail' (MCDE)
14. Shake 'The Floor Filler' (Rush Hour)
15. New Jackson 'Of A Thousand Leaves' (Major Problems)
16. Robert Armani 'Lap' (Dance Mania)
17. Projekt:PM 'When The Voices Come' (Guidance)
18. Josey Wales 'Ruling' (Black Solidarity)
19. JJ Cale 'Starbound' (A+M)

I'm a massive New Jackson fan. Check out the amazing tune and video 'The Night Mail' here if you haven't before, or even if you haven't in a while.


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