17 October 2014

As Fresh As It Gets: Robots With Rayguns

Imagine my delight today when a new Swooner follower on Twitter not only had the name 'Robots With Rayguns' but then turned out to be a quality synth pop robot with a dreamy electro ray gun - also called Lucas Smith from Phoenix, Arizona. I fucking love the internet! His album is streaming on Spotify below or you can listen and buy it on bandcamp here.  Was loving it today as it poured rain outside - it's summery, with hints of Architecture In Helsinki, Neon Neon and generally just serious electro vibes. And by serious I mean fun. If you liked that Starcadian stuff I posted about before, you might dig this. And if you didn't dig that Starcadian stuff I posted before, you are in the wrong part of the internet, my friend!

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