26 September 2014

Chet Faker: Melbourne Marvels

More excellent radio from Red Bull. Chet Faker playing some of his favourite tunes - and favourite artists - all from his hometown Melbourne. Some really cool tracks in here from artists I'd never heard of, and a couple I had - I've had my ear on Thrupence for a while, looking to hear more from him! I lived in Melbourne for a while a few years back and really loved it, and it's cool to hear someone talk so fondly about it and hear what's going on over there musically now. Which is a lot, apparently!

1 Cigarettes & Loneliness - Chet Faker
2 All I Could Do - Oscar Key Sung
3 Tornado Never Dies  -Tornado Wallace
4 Take Higher Ground - I’lls
5 Flemington - Tom Day
6 Kiss Before The Fall - HTRK
7 Help Me Out - Lucian Blomkamp
8 Try It Over  -Yujen
9 Swashbuckle - Thrupence
10 Gold - Chet Faker
11 Rebecca’s Theme (Water) A.r.t. Wilson
12 1998 (Chay Fezzy Remix) Chet Faker
13 Melt feat. Kilo Kish Chet Faker


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