02 August 2014

Throne of Blood podcast 41: Kasper Bjørke

This is unreal, Throne Of Blood's latest podcast is by Kasper Bjørke and full of absolute whopper tunes. It even includes a version of Talaboman's 'Sideral' track I hadn't heard before, a Mark E remix and that last Ivan Smagghe version of Freaks is savage.  Insert Swoon Here.

If you can't see the above box, click here.

1: Deo & Z-Man: Universal Neighbours (SLG Remix)
2: The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra: Don't Cha Know He's Alright (Mark E Remix)
3: Genius Of Time: Juno Jam
4: Dj Kaos: Religious
5: Talaboman: Sideral (BCN Version)
6: Lake People: Night Drive
7: Flowers and Sea Creatures: Overworld
8: Kasper Bjørke: Sylvia (A/JUS/TED Remix)
9: Øyvind Morken: Fjerden Av Den Forste Bolgen
10: Richard Norris: Freaks (Ivan Smagghe Version)

DL available here. He has a new album out end of September, check out more info about that here.

I've posted a few other TOB podcasts, all deadly. Check 'em out here and follow soundcloud.com/throneofblood for more!


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